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Jun 7, 2008 10:26 AM

Seeking Fresh Sardines for Cooking

I'll be at my parents' place in Granby CT (northeast of Hartford) in a few weeks and would love to grill some sardines. Does anyone on this board know of a fishmonger in the Hartford/Springfield area that stocks sardines either regularly or occasionally? (Mostly we us them for bait in this country, which is a shame because they're yummy tasty little things...)

Many thanks from an LA girl!

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  1. Ludlow has a large Portuguese community and Springfiels a lot of Greeks, 2 ethnicities that enjoy fresh sardines. I can't point you in the right direction there but Courthouse and new deal in E. Cambridge and Roslindale Fish have them on Tues and Thurs cause that's when they're flown in.

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      Thanks, trufflehound, for the tips around Boston as well as for the ideas of Ludlow/Springfield in general. Does anyone on this board know more specifically about Springfield fish markets?

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        I've bought them in the recent past from Price Chopper in Torrington, which is a half hour or so from Granby. I'll be there later today and will look for them and report back. Other than that, try calling D&D Market on Franklin Ave in Hartford (Little Italy).

    2. I think you may be able to get them at Apple Tree produce/fish market on New Park Ave in Hartford (across from Home Depot)

      1. City Fish Market in Weathersfield had them last week You may try them.

        1. My in laws always buy them frozen. They come in 1kg bags from Portugal and are available at most Grocery stores (at least around Danbury).

          When you grill them, put them as close to the coals as possible, that way they won't flare up. We actually get the coals going, then blow off the dust, and put the grill right on top of the coals.