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Jun 7, 2008 09:23 AM

best satay in TO??

(satay meaning skewers of beef, chicken, pork.. i usually like chicken / pork the best.. in case it needs to be even more specific!)
so, i'm having an insane craving for satay!!
reminds me of my childhood when my parents would bring me to this thai(?) or malaysian place for dinner and it had awesome awesome satay with a relaly good peanut sauce.... too bad it closed down many years ago.
I think it might have been on yonge street?
I don't remember the name.. but i remember seeing a giant nose whenever we passed by it..

i went to golden thai yesterday hoping to be surprised.. tried the coconut shrimp, satay chicken, spring rolls, pad thai, and golden thai chicken... they were all less then stellar.. the only thing that was enjoyable was the pad thai... obviously this place didn't quell my hunger for satay! so now here i am hoping someone can recommend a place??

i went to salad king last week as well and the satay wasn't good either.... i think the ideal satay must, must, must have an amazing accompanying peanut sauce.. the peanut sauce must be slightly sweet with a thick texture and small bits of peanuts... suggestions please???

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  1. ivory thailand on Church (just N of Adelaide) has a good chicken satay with the best peanut dipping sauce I've tried...

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    1. re: sam_1

      is that the one insanely close to golden thai ?!! cripes i should have gone to that one instead.. .le sigh.

      1. re: hippotatomus

        Yup one block down with the blue awning.

        Having tried both, I can't believe people would choose Golden over Ivory. The latter is so, so SO much better!!! (Yet, Golden is always so much busier)

        1. re: pinkprimp

          I think it's cause Golden Thai looks sooo much nicer.. Ivory looks a bit plain.. we've all been deceived by those little thai figures in the windows :P

    2. The beef satay at Munz is good, the chicken, great and the prawns, outstanding. THe peanut dipping sauce is very good but not as good as Restoran Malaysia.

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      1. re: Charles Yu

        been browsing the boards and i have heard mention of Restoran Malaysia and really do want to try it .. but it's soo far!! (for me anyway since i'm located downtown).... and with rising gas prices, eating uptown really is only saved for special occasions. hate it! where is Munz?
        Is the beef satay succulent? My worst fear is dried and chewy beef satay... it's so easy to overcook it..

        1. re: hippotatomus

          I think Charles might have meant Mumz Delicacies? If so, it's still out of your reach up North near Highway 7 and McCowan in Markham. The prawns were outstanding.. the chicken was only just good for me.. haven't had the beef yet.

        2. re: Charles Yu

          Just had some 'GREAT' ones at 'Le Chef' on Hwy#7/Valleymede - opposite O'Mei. Smokey, moist and juicy with an awesome peanut satay sauce. Huge portion as well! Chicken,Beef and Prawns all excellent! I would say better tasting than Munz or Restorant Malaysia

          1. re: Charles Yu

            Hmm... gotta try it then! I just got a satay craving reading this!

        3. thai magic at yonge near roxbourough has amazing lamb satays with a delicious sauce

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          1. re: s0rce

            hi sorce! thanks! but i was hoping more for just the standard selection of beef, chicken, pork satays... i love lamb but think it's flavour is a bit strong for satay

            1. re: hippotatomus

              I think they have the more traditional ones as well but my family all loves the lamb ones so we don't order the others.

              On another note the recipe for beef satays in the cookbook Cradle of Flavour by James Oseland is great.

          2. The original comment has been removed
            1. I usually don't like Spring Rolls and don't go unless other people are going and I have no real choice, but I find the satay chicken skewers with peanut sauce is pretty nice. i always order peanut sauce on the side. it's nice, chunky, thick with the perfect amount of spice (for me)