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Jun 7, 2008 09:15 AM

Discovery Home--Where are the cooking shows now?

Discovery Home is now "Planet Green". I used to love watching Rob Rainford's License to Grill and Kylie Kwong's (Chinese cooking). Where are these cooking shows being shown now?? Some shows have moved to TLC, but not these two. Any info out there?? Thanks.

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  1. Yes, see the topic Planet Green means loss of shows a few down from this one. We have been discussing this. It is definitely a loss of some good shows.

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      Yes, I saw that post. I was hoping to get actual information about where 2 specific shows may have ended up. The two shows I am wondering about had higher production value than most of the other cooking shows on that network.

    2. I'd see if the shows have websites, usually they have a schedule of showtimes/networks. One of my other faves from Discovery home has a post that they are in discussions with discovery and hope to announce that they will be airing on another channel soon. (Holmes on Homes)

      1. The only show from the old Discovery Home Channel I could find was "Take Home Chef". That show is moving to the TLC channel.