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Jun 7, 2008 08:38 AM

"Typhoon" brand cutting board

I recently bought a good-sized end grain cutting board made by a company called "Typhoon". Had never heard of the brand, and I don't get much other than Amazon listings out of google. Don't see anything on this board either.

I bought it anyway. It had a few cracks in the circular wooden legs so the store knocked quite a few bucks off -- I've since oiled it up and any imperfections all but disappeared.

Still curious though: anyone know this brand and/or had experience with it?

I've attached a photo from amazon, though mine is rectangular.


A Train

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  1. Widely available here in the UK. Everything you need to prepare and serve far-eastern chow without breaking the bank. I've got a wok and a stainless steel cleaver along with a couple of serving dishes.

    Just checked this site and it looks like they produce all sorts of stuff:

    1. I've used one for about five years, excellent quality and the rubber-tipped legs keep it nicely stable when cutting.

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        Good to know! I'm pretty happy with mine so far.