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Phoenix East Valley - Sports Bars with good food

StuCazzo Jun 7, 2008 08:13 AM

The Euro2008 soccer tournament kicks off today.

Does anybody know of any good bars/restaurants in the East Valley area
that would be a good place to watch soccer and also enjoy a nice lunch?

I know I can probably go to most any sports bar to see it, but I was hoping
to find a place that has good food too.

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  1. ciaogal RE: StuCazzo Jun 7, 2008 11:00 AM

    I know the Skeptical Chymist in N. Scottsdale is showing the Soccer....
    I would think their sister restaurant Fibber McGee's in Chandler would be as well....

    Love the Fish and Chips and the Irish Breakfast...
    Get a side of the curry sauce to dip your chips in to...yum!

    1. s
      sistinas RE: StuCazzo Jun 7, 2008 01:55 PM

      I've had some good lunches at the Half Moon Sports Grill. There's one on Kyrene and Elliot in Tempe, as well as some other locations in the valley.


      I'm not sure if Four Peaks would be showing it, but they're definitely a good choice for grub and drink as well.

      1. r
        razordogg RE: StuCazzo Jun 7, 2008 05:51 PM

        I agree that Half Moon and Four Peaks are good choices. I've also found good food at CK Tavern in Ahwatukee and McDuffy's Grille in Chandler. Both have tons of TVs.

        Four Peaks Brewing Co
        1340 E 8th St, Tempe, AZ 85281

        Half Moon Sports Grill
        325 W Elliot Rd, Tempe, AZ 85284

        Ck's Tavern & Grill
        4142 E Chandler Blvd, Phoenix, AZ 85048

        980 E Pecos Rd, Chandler, AZ 85225

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        1. re: razordogg
          aztami RE: razordogg Jun 7, 2008 06:07 PM

          Although not a "sports bar" , the bar @ Grainbelt Grillhouse is beautiful. There must be 6 or 8 TV's and they have great food.


          Grainbelt Grillhouse
          302 N Gilbert Rd, Gilbert, AZ 85234

        2. k
          Kam7185 RE: StuCazzo Jun 8, 2008 11:43 AM

          Haven't been in years, but Eli's in Scottsdale is awesome. We've enjoyed salad and salmon sliders. They're known for their filet sliders. Amazing homemade dressings too!


          1. achicken RE: StuCazzo Jun 9, 2008 08:11 AM

            I like the food at the Baseline Sports bar. It's pretty standard bar fare, but doesn't seem as greasy as some others. Good grilled chicken wings & nice crispy curly fries.

            I think the George & Dragon draws a big soccer crowd, but I can't comment on thier food.

            Baseline Sports Bar
            201 E Baseline Rd, Tempe, AZ 85283

            George & Dragon Restaurant
            4230 S 48th St, Phoenix, AZ 85040

            1. 1wino RE: StuCazzo Jun 9, 2008 10:16 AM

              Madi G's in Ahwatukee has a screen at every table and good burgers. I'd imagine Fibber Magee's and Churchill's in Chandler would be showing soccer, too. Churchill's has terrific food.

              Churchill's Pub & Grill
              2050 N Alma School Rd, Chandler, AZ 85224

              Fibber Magees
              1989 W Elliot Rd, Chandler, AZ 85224

              Madi G's Tanked Fish
              4855 E Warner Rd, Phoenix, AZ

              1. yamalam RE: StuCazzo Jun 9, 2008 02:59 PM

                I get dragged to Zipps a lot, and enjoy their fish and chips, onion rings and fries. (not all at the same time) They have an ungodly amount of TVs.

                Zipps Sports Grills
                3950 W Ray Rd Ste 5, Chandler, AZ 85226

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                1. re: yamalam
                  achicken RE: yamalam Jun 9, 2008 03:04 PM

                  I always seem to strike out at Zipps. One night it was a charred burger, one night some soggy tacos... never tried the fish & chips, tho.

                  1. re: achicken
                    AnonymousWaitress RE: achicken Jun 9, 2008 06:08 PM

                    I go to zipps(the one on camelback rd) once a week after my coed softball games, and i can vouch for the wings which are always awesome, the foccacia sandwiches are also really good, and cheap beer. i always try to make sure not to stray too far from bar food though.

                    and i also recommend goldies, haven't ate there in years, but as far as quantity and quality of tv's go, zipps and goldies cant be beat.

                    Goldie's Neighborhood Sports
                    10135 E Via Linda # E123, Scottsdale, AZ

                    Zipps Sports Grill On Camelbck
                    7551 E Camelback Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85251

                    1. re: AnonymousWaitress
                      azhotdish RE: AnonymousWaitress Jun 9, 2008 08:54 PM

                      yes i used to go to goldie's years ago - the sandwiches rocked! no idea what it's like now though...

                      1. re: azhotdish
                        Kam7185 RE: azhotdish Jun 10, 2008 08:36 AM

                        Zipps has awesome fries and salads! Just stay away from the Pizza!! Used to go to Goldies, but the quality has just gone downhill.

                2. b
                  Bazel RE: StuCazzo Jun 9, 2008 09:43 PM

                  Hand's down .. love the food at Teakwoods. They have a location at Kyrene and Ray (I am pretty sure) and we frequent the location at Gilbert and Chandler Blvd (aka Williams Field). Looks like a Scottsdale location too from the link search. Lot's of choices, daily specials (like 10) and big menu.


                  Teakwoods Tavern & Grill
                  5965 W Ray Rd Ste 20, Chandler, AZ 85226

                  Teakwoods Tavern & Grill
                  8880 E Via Linda # 106, Scottsdale, AZ

                  Teakwoods Tavern & Grille
                  151 E Williams Field Rd # 112, Gilbert, AZ

                  1. r
                    Random987 RE: StuCazzo Jun 9, 2008 10:54 PM

                    I would recommend the Fox Sports Grill in Scottsdale. Upscale bar with above average bar food. Tons of screens and good beer on tap.

                    1. ajs228 RE: StuCazzo Jun 10, 2008 10:27 AM

                      I'm pretty sure The Dubliner is showing the games and their food is solid. They have a big projection set and pull a screen down in front of the stage.

                      Dubliner Irish Pub & Restaurant
                      3841 E Thunderbird Rd Ste 109, Phoenix, AZ 85032

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