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Jun 7, 2008 08:01 AM

Jericho Grill, Huntington, former site of Hog House

Dying for ribs and smokey chicken, tried takeout from this place, operating out of the dearly departed Hog House BBQ place. Won't do that again!

We ordered a half chicken, a rack of ribs with bbq sauce on the side, and sides of spinach and broccoli (thrilled that Jericho grill offered less sugary sides than Hog House did). Let's just say the thrill is gone.

The ribs had what must have been some sort of dry rub, though it had zero flavor, none. No discernible seasoning at all. They were black and had a crust as dry as dust. The ribs had no moisture save for the occasional giant blobs of fat here and there; theyhad been cooked too fast and/or too long. Not enough smokiness, no flavor, no juiciness. Just depressingly bad. I tasted the "barbecue sauce" that accompanied the ribs. It tasted just like tomato juice, lightly seasoned. Then I realized, and my husband concurred, that it appeared to be watered down ketchup, simply that, nothing more.

The veggies, what can I say? The spinach was loaded with water and was completely tasteless, despite the presence of a lot of those little minced garlic thingies that come in jars. No taste, just waterlogged, overcooked spinach, undrained. The broccoli was pale yellow/green, mushy and oily, also flavorless, completely.

The chicken was very dark, but not black all over like the ribs. It had some smokiness and moisture, but was unexceptional. Still, it was the only part of the meal we didn't throw away, mostly uneaten.

The whole meal cost about $40, which would have been very reasonable if it had any gustatory appeal at all.

I was just floored by the lack of care and interest in seasoning or preparation evident in this awful, disappointing meal.

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    1. Well, I gave it a try. Had a brisket sandwich, and it was OK. It's was hard to really judge: the meat was sliced with a deli slicer (i.e., so it seemed)--so thin it was hard to judge its tenderness and moistness. Saucing was light to moderate (I tend to prefer it far towards the low end) but by no means over-sauced--and their sauce is much better than the Hog House's was.

      In all, the sandwich was enjoyable, but good BBQ? It could have been a pretty good roast brisket for that matter. Its presentation didn't allow me to make a call to its quality as 'cue.

      Had a side of garlic mashed potatoes and enjoyed them.

      The people were friendly; I'd give it another go.

      1. re: Scott_R

        The Hog House switched over to pre-made BBQ bought from a food distributor after Chef Adam left. He was the culinary force behind the Hog House.

        1. re: blitzjb

          Someone else had told me that--said it was Sysco--but I'd heard claims otherwise. I don't know if the latter were thinking of the early days under Chef Adam.

          1. re: Scott_R

            It was definately Sysco... confirmed! Chef Adam only cooks from sratch. He doesnt take shortcuts

            1. re: blitzjb

              Went there today (Thursday) around 11:35-11:40, and it was closed (hours are posted as starting at 11:30).

              I don't know if they just opened late or what.

              1. re: Scott_R

                Went back and they were open.
                I rather like this place, but I can't say I'm overwhelmed. The problem is more of my tastes not synching with their offerings, rather then the food there itself. What I've had has been more than fine, but looking over the menu, I'm don't go "ooh!"

                1. re: Scott_R

                  My wife & I have dined there twice over the last few weeks. Ordered Italian each time. Excellently prepared food, generous portions and a good value. We've added it to our short list of favorite area restaurants!

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