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Jun 7, 2008 06:44 AM

Aamantran - Toms River

I moved to TR from Jersey City about 6 months ago and have been sampling the local restaurant scene. So far, the only Indian food I've located is at Aamantran. The Zagat rating is pretty good (23 for food), but in my two weeknight visits, I've found it rather, um, bland. It's not a "mild - medium - spicy" issue, it's more a matter of "spicefulness" (flavor). I had the samosa, chole peshawari (chickpeas), and malai kofta. What have your experiences been here? What are your favorite dishes? Do I need to make a special request when I order to "spice it up" for that authentic Indian spark? Are certain nights better than others? Is there an alternative to Aamantran in the area? Thanks.

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  1. I have ordered lunches to go from there twice (for office parties) but unfortunately I never got to taste the food either time. I did however try their dinner buffet and I was not impressed at all. I felt that the price was out of line for what they offered and the food was not really very tasty. Actually the best that I can say about my dining experience there was the bread.

    1. We have eaten there a few times. Sadly, it's probably the best Indian in the area. We had much better choices back when we were living up in North Jersey. I think they suffer from a common problem with a number of ethnic restaurants in the area: they're afraid to be too ethnic.

      I would suggest asking them to spice it up; don't try to spare your "American" palette. ;)


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        Toms River is not the mecca for restaurants there are a few good ones but Indian cuisine is not one of them. You might want to travel a is another choice.

      2. Toms River is not the mecca for restaurants there are a few good ones but Indian cuisine is not one of them. You might want to travel a is another choice.

        good luck in your search

        1. Thanks for your comments. I think I will give Aamantran a last chance, with a special request to kick up the spice a bit. Otherwise, I guess I'll be making curry-runs when I go up north.

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            njfreqflyer.....have you given Aamantran another chance?....some friends want to give it a try soon.

            Thank you

            PS if not any other Indian suggestions...Ocean/Monmouth

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              Hi Tapas -- I haven't been back there in well over a year and a half. I've been getting my periodic fix of Indian food in north Jersey. I'd love to hear a review of Aamantran that was favorable to make it worth a re-visit... sorry not to be of much help here.

              Aamantran Indian Cuisine
              1594 Route 9 Ste 3, Toms River, NJ 08755

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                njfreqflyer.......that's OK.....I might be going to the buffet there tomorrow evening to try it out..I'll report back.....I'm really a novice at Indian cuisine but I'll to be as honest as possible and report back to the group.

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                  Finally had a chance to have dinner at Aamantran tonight & we were pleasantly pleased........very nice decor, super friendly service by the owners who explained many of the dishes as we are Indian food novices. I started with a mango lassi shake which was excellent full of flavor.....for an appetizer we picked the Veg Semosa (Potato/peas dumpling) again fantastic with a trio of dipping sauces, the places starting getting very crowded, & the catering room was about to have a 50th birthday party we ordered the Chicken Tikka, very rich in a nice velvety seasoned sauce, and an order of Biryani rice mixed medley with Shrimp, Lamb, Chicken,came with a super delicious cool yogurt dipping sauce......all in all a nice experience and we will certainly return for more we were leaving a waiter was bringing out sizzling Tandoori mixed platter which sounded and smelled sooooo good!!! :)

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                    We dined at Aarmantran again this evening...they have a Thursday Night Buffet which was wonderful.....
                    many different dishes, soup & appetizers, each week it's different $17.95...nice friendly service also. They take the time to explain each dish also. Enjoyed it !