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Jun 7, 2008 06:38 AM

Via Quadronna in White Plains

My boyfriend and I went to dinner here last night. I just could not believe how overpriced they are! He ordered soup as an appetizer and it was $16 for "the worst soup he ever had!" I had a salad to start (salad was huge) and gnocchi with shrimp. He had fettuccini bolognese. My food was really good- the pasta servings were small, but I appreciate that- bathing suit season has arrived! We were thinking of ordering dessert, but at $14 each, we opted to walk to Coldstone instead! With that said, there are so many better choices in the area, I do not think we will eat here again.

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  1. i wonder if Paolo is involved in this branch of via quadronno...hes involved in the nyc location of VQ and bottega del vino

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    1. re: intrepid

      I believe they are connected. I actually like both of those places - the coffee is, IMO, some of the best in NYC, and I love their panini. Don't usually get a full meal there though - either breakfast or a quick lunch.

      1. re: MMRuth

        The one in Manhattan -- next to my favorite jewelry store, Reinstein/Ross -- has fabulous (but expensive) cappuccini. The first time I had one there, I was absolutely transported back to Italy. Never had the food, though I've been flirting with going: twice I made plans and twice cancelled them due to all the negative posts by CHers. However, on Wednesday, a friend is taking ME for a birthday lunch, and I am happy to go and have someone else -- with lots o' dough and who doesn't really care about food, just cool places -- foot the bill! Even though I would be humiliated to do this in Italy, I will have a cappuccino after lunch!

    2. $16 for soup really does sound ridiculous. What kind of soup was it?

      1. I was at Via Quadronno the second night it was open. The prices really are crazy for what you get. I had the Porterhouse steak, which was good, but nothing special. Portions were adequate. Atmosphere was dim and the space was generally tight. Service was very good!

        It's tough to return there however as there are many other alternatives that offer a better overall experience. I probably would not recommend this place, unless you have relatively deep pockets.

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        1. re: broosewee

          But that's why it opened where it did.

          I wish them all the best.

          1. re: dolores

            Yea, I understand why it opened where it did and their reasoning behind charging what they do.

            Even so, if I had the means to go there often, I probably would not. Unfortunately, I do not have that choice. :-(

            EDIT: Is there a way for chowhound to notify us by email when a reply has been posted?

        2. Even if it was loaded with Kobe beer, truffles & saffron, I don't think any soup on the planet is worth $16 a serving.

          Barnum was right...there is one born every minute!

          1. we eat there on Friday night with a party of six. every dish seemed to be good; it was just TOO expensive. We would go back but not on a regular basis. (the soup was ordered which seemed to be good).

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              We ate their two weeks ago. I was really, really shocked by the prices. If I remember, no entree is available for under $35. We had only one appetizer, the Caprese, and the buff. mozz. was very good, but the tomato was inferior- pale red and spongy- they could have found a much better greenhouse tomato. I had their take on the bisteca Fiorentina. It was a perfectly aged steak, ordered rare but slightly overcooked, but the quality of the meat was so good that I didn't need to send it back. Considering the very expensive food, the wines by the glass are reasonable, and the bottles are okay, both more reasonable that Antipasti. As for service, it was - if anything - over-attentive, with my glass being topped off at a rate of appx. once every three minutes (annoying, unless you are a paraplegic). And the captain came over right after the steak was served and insisted that he send it back if it was over-cooked. Big points right there.

              All-in-all, expensive but good, clearly geared for the Ritz Carlton crowd. Lot's of rich folk on the weekends, I'm sure, but I wonder if places like this in White Plains are going to build up the locals' lunch/ weekday-dinner crowd with the high price-points. I went to lunch at Antipasti a few weeks ago (1:00 p.m.) and we were one of three seated tables in the entire place.

              Via Q.: Antipasti but with better service, better food and (slightly) cheaper wine.

              1. re: Wizzapizza

                as if we needed another overpriced mediocre Italian place in White Plains. Couldn't we at least have an overpriced mediocre place with a different cuisine?