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Jun 6, 2008 08:02 PM

Becoming a local in West Hollywood and parts east

I'm moving to West Hollywood (half a block from the corner of Santa Monica and Formosa) soon. Fill me in on the local food scene! I'm not looking so much for "best of LA" in general (I've read several of the massive LA threads). I want to know about my new hood. How are the grocery stores? Where are reliable places to eat within walking distance? Good delivery? Late night spots? Just plain awesome food?

(I'm moving from Brooklyn, FWIW)

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  1. i'm moving to los feliz in a few weeks too from manhatten might try to use google maps...i mapped the grocery, post office, some restaurants...etc.. just zoom in on your area and search "restaurant" or "coffee" etc..

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      Sure, I know how to do that. I just wanted a local's opinion on the good stuff.

    2. Grocery: a Whole Foods on Santa Monica and Fairfax is the best IMO. Always a scene as well.
      It's a weird restaurant area. In the immediate area:
      there's Zeke's which is passable
      Jones which is decent
      for 24hrs Benito's tacos down Santa Monica past Highland esp. if you want an encounter with a late night transvestite prostitute.
      You're kind of close to Mozza.
      I used to order from Yummy for delivery of groceries and good brownies and sandwiches.

      1. there's a trader joe's on santa monica blvd a few blocks west of you for grocery shopping. at the corner of santa monica and la brea, there's a shopping complex with target, bevmo, best buy) and various chain eateries (starbucks, jamba juice, pomodoros, zeke's bbq, daphnes greek, baja fresh, etc.)

        there's decent chinese delivery from kung pao bistro at santa monica and fairfax. for really late night delivery or dine-in, i like bossa nova on sunset, between fairfax and la brea. it's pretty good brazilian and italian food.

        my absolute must recommend for breakfast/brunch in the area is the griddle at sunset and fairfax. it's mentioned on here a lot. great french press coffee and pancakes. let me know if you're looking for anything else. welcome to west hollywood!

        Bossa Nova Brazilian Cuisine
        7181 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90046

        Griddle Cafe
        7916 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90046

        Kung Pao Bistro
        7853 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90046

        1. Welcome to the 'hood, where many amusing tranny sightings await you. Highly recommend the Trader Joe's previously mentioned (wine prices typically cheaper than BevMo), and I've never had a bad meal at Zeke's BBQ. My favorite breakfast place is about a mile away, Cafe Verona at 2nd and LaBrea. Griddle Cafe is good but always, always packed, and the portions are so huge it's a waste unless you're ravenous. If you like to do some of your own cooking, don't miss the big Hollywood Farmers Market (Sunset & Ivar) on Sundays (free parking across the street at the Arclight for 1 hr.) and the much smaller one at Plummer Park (a stone's throw from your place) on Mondays (don't miss: the French guy w/the bread table; the guy w/the Indian food; and the roasted chickens) . I enjoy the Thai food at Pink Pepper (LaBrea & Hawthorne). My one and only experience at Bossa Nova was good food but S-L-O-W service. Also, you're not far from the new Fresh & Easy market (Hollywood Blvd. & Sycamore), which has an excellent variety of prepared foods in addition to supermarket stuff.

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            They Yukon mining co. has great tranny sightings after 2am.

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              The tranny sightings are not limited to after 2am. I was at the Yukon for breakfast on a Tuesday (don't ask, my friend chose), and we spotted at least 4 transexual hookers alone. I guess the entertainment made up for the awful awful Denver omelet.