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Jun 6, 2008 07:44 PM

[HOU] Super H Mart

Whoa! I might be late in finding out about this, but I just went to visit the new(ish) Korean Super H Mart and it totally blew my mind. It is located just north of 10 West (the blalock exit if I remember correctly) and it is well worth a visit for anyone with any interest in Korean food.

The produce section alone is staggering. I had no idea that so many types of radishes or choy familiy veggies existed, or that they were so cheap. Add to that a huge selection of made-in-house kimchees and other banchan (although, the regular cabbage kimchee I tried was a little salty for my taste), a butcher department packed with amazingly beautiful thin sliced meats (I have never seen raw pork belly look so incredible), a huge seafood department, and an entire aisle filled with nothing but different kinds of chilli paste, and you have a grocery store well worth the trip. And that is not even mentioning the food court where you can get korean bbq, bibimbap, sushi, chinese food, korean fried chicken and more.

If that wasn't enough to convince you, how about this: when you purchase your groceries, they throw in a FREE grab bag of new sponges! How can you beat that?

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  1. Glad to see them branching out.. if you ever travel north, there is also a location in carrolton, tx. The one in carrolton has an asian style bakery inside that looks similar to the ones in large asian cities.

    1. love the place. a much more pleasant experience than komart. i wrote a pretty extensive review of the place w/photos here:

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        Neverfull, thanks for the link. I think this is a new store that took the place of a closed-down Randalls. Im sure the neighborhood is happy to see it, especially since that wonderful Fiesta @ I-10 and Blalock was shut down January 1. Perhaps I will check this out today instead of going to Central Market, which has somehow become a children's amusement park on Saturdays,

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          yes, it's in an old randall's. jay francis said they make kim chee and give out samples on weekends. and if you like super spicy food, try the #6 really spicy and sweet fried chicken in the food court. have fun!

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            I like really spicy stuff, but it doesnt like me, so I choose carefully; when someone tells me it will make me cry, they're usually right! (but Im up for a taste anyway). My dentist of over 20 years is Korean, so I must remember to tell her about this place. Her parents have come to the US to live with her, so they might really appreciate such an authentic taste of home.

      2. jay francis just did a review of super h-mart in the press this week:

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          Thanks for the link. I need to check that blog more often. I read the Press every week, but it doesnt include this stuff.

        2. Hey I didn't get any sponges, just a raffle ticket for a car. The Napa cabbage is huge (great for bamboo steamers) and the Siracha sauce (28 oz) was only $2.00 and now I don't need to drive all the way to Chinatown for froz. soup dumplings ( a weekly staple).
          Benjym the seafood dept. is great ( did you see any abalone when u were there?) If your interested in any of the baked goods get there early. I went at 3:00 PM and it was pretty much cleaned out. Why go to Ko-Mart now?