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Jun 6, 2008 06:26 PM

Korhogo 126 shuttered is reporting that French/West African restaurant Korhogo 126 in Red Hook has been seized for non-payment of taxes. What a loss. We've enjoyed Chef Abdul Traore's food and felt he was doing something new and exciting.

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  1. I have seen a few places closing. Probably more the economy than a tax scam. Their fancy web site still works. Actually I wish I could get the name if the backround music on their web site.

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      I got an email from them announcing garden dining and other specials the day after they were supposedly closed down. Makes you wonder.

    2. Thank god, Korhogo 126 was truly awful. I'd been intrigued when it first opened in the neighbourhood, but after two of the worst meals that I'd ever eaten in a restaurant, including a dessert that one of my friends charitably labelled as "sand cake", I'm practically thrilled that something else may take its place sooner rather than later.

      1. I passed by Korhogo tonight and they appear to be open again.

        1. The food I have had there has been pretty good. One time the apps were all too salty but the entrees were good. The second time I ate there everything we had was well executed. My problem with the place, and one that I would like to see fixed because it will keep me from eating there more frequently, is their wine selection. This is a casual neigborhood place and the wines start at $30+ with the next least expensive wine in the $50 range. When there are only 5-6 wines in both the red and the white columns and you quickly get into $50 wines, there is simply not enough variety for regular neighborhood dining.

          1. So weird. I drove by tonight and the lights were on, the door was open, the tables were set and I think I saw a few customers...

            is this place open or closed??!

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              I called tonight and got a live person who said they were open. Hope the poster who wished it would close can get over it.

              1. re: squid kun

                I was having dinner at Korhogo 126 when I was kicked out by the Health Department about 6 weeks ago. The food and service was wonderful, but I don't think I will be dining there again. It was obvious something was going wrong when the police showed up. Also, they made us pay for our meals anyway. Bad business.

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                  Here are the results of their last health inspection -
                  or if the address doesn't work, just go to the DOH website and type in Korhogo 126. Too bad for them.

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                    Let's be fair here...the violations were minor and they have been reopened after addressing the problems. This is a very good restaurant that is serving a fusion of African and French cuisine, perhaps unique in New York. The chef has impressive credentials and is a very affable guy.

                    Here are the details of the violation and the resolution of the problem:


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                    I don't think I will be dining there again

                    Health inspections (and crane inspection) in the city are an employement program and a scam. David Letterman had to make a certain donut place the butt of jokes before it was cleaned up. I personally would not pay that much attention to the inspections. If you are really concerned ask to see the kitchen.