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Jun 6, 2008 05:33 PM

MSP Fava Beans and Shelled Edamame

Can you recommend any place in the twin cities to buy fresh fava beans and shelled edamame? I see lots of frozen edamame in the pods, but I would like to use the actual beans without the bother of shelling them.


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  1. I get frozen bean only (no shell) edamame at whole foods.

      1. They have fresh fava beans (in the pod) at Holy Land in Midtown Global Market. Don't know about the edamame.


        1. Whole foods uptown have fresh fava beans right now. I am not sure how long they are in season.

          1. I've found shelled Edamame at SuperTarget and sometimes Byerly's. The Brand is called Melissa's produce. Definitely convenient, but I would recommend using them quickly, as they can loose their nutty goodness and get slimey after a few days.