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Jun 6, 2008 05:30 PM

El Sol - Did it change hands, and is it still good?

I gathered from a post in another thread that El Sol recently changed hands and isn't as good as it was...

Have you been lately? How was it?

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  1. You mean it was good at some point? Worst. Latino food. Ever.

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    1. re: escoffier

      What would you recommend then, for Mexican?

      1. re: escoffier

        Had you been there 8 years ago? It was quite good then, but had very slow service.

        1. re: escoffier

          They had possibly Toronto's best guacamole and sangria, good salsas, and some very tasty other grub. The vegetarian items were good, but boringly similar to one another. The mole was complex and interesting to eat in small quantities.

          They also had the unfortunate tendency to cook a la minute some items that should have simmered for hours. For example, some beef dishes were authentically stewed shreds, rather than ground burger meat, but were often extremely tough from inadequate slow cooking.

          But the service -- ah, yes, the service. When they were busy, which was often, it was impossible. But even when they were almost empty, food could take an hour or more to arrive. We went from being regulars, to going only with a talkative group, to giving up altogether. There's a difference between a leisurely meal and the "El Slo" experience and, eventually, a couple of years ago, we just stopped going.

          1. re: embee

            El Sol baffles me. I went once with some friends and had pretty much the same experience as everyone else (slow service, hit and miss food) It just seemed like there was no effort to try. If they don't want to change, fine by me, but I will never return. You can only sit for so long in a restaurant wihtout service before it becomes annoying. On a side note, I have given up on Mexican completely in this city and now when I have a craving for something a little spicy, I go and eat at what this city does best - Jamaican and West Indian!

        2. The sale of El Sol will come as a surprise to the owner Yolanda.

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          1. re: cowhound

            Thanks for clearing up the sale part of it...

            1. re: Full tummy

              The sale is just wishful thinking...;-)