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Jun 6, 2008 04:55 PM

Crostini Cracker Recipe

Was wondering if anyone has a Crostini Cracker recipe they would be willing to share. Have done some searching on the Internet but not coming up with much. At $5 to $7 bucks a 7oz. bag (Usually imported from Italy) would like to try and make a batch.


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  1. Is this a special type of cracker, or just crisply toasted, thin sliced bread? If the latter, just slice up baguettes thinly, and brush lightly with olive oil, then toast in a 350 degree oven until crisp, turning once to brown both sides if necessary. You can rub with a cut garlic clove after removing from the oven. Some people toast first then brush with EVOO, but I like the texture of the toast when the olive oil soaks into the bread as it is baking.

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      That's exactly what we do when we feel ambitious and don't wanna buy already made. Easy peasy. You just have to watch cause they can burn quite quickly. When we purchase the baguette we'll often ask them to put it through the slicer for us. Saves a lot of time and this way you get uniform slices.

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        Yes they are a cracker, nothing like a toasted baguettes, they also come in rosemary and fennel flavors. They are very addictive with some wine and good hard cheese.