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Jun 6, 2008 04:52 PM

Road-Tripping into Florida, where should we stop (and eat, and drink)?

We're on a road-trip (starting in San Diego) and we'll be heading into Florida from New Orleans. I'm trying to figure out where to stop next. I'm guessing that a comfortable drive could put us in the 30A region, which seems like a nice stretch.

We're looking for good, casual local chow and drinks, ideally within walking distance of places to stay.

So, where should we stop? Thanks!

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  1. What parts of Florida will you be in? It's a long state. I live in Orlando and I don't know what 30A is. Is that a highway?

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      Familiar with long states... Thought I was being pretty specific, but I guess not specific enough. We'll be on the coast east of Pensacola.

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        We spend winters in Santa Rosa Beach, which is on 30A. Love, love , love the area. Be sure stop there for at least an overnite. The web site called will give you lots and lots of info re. where to eat and stay. If you have more questions, feel free to ask. One of our fav. restaurants is D & K's. Everything about the place is wonderful. Red bar is also a fun place and you mite even be lucky and see a star. Have a wonderful trip.

    2. Menu -

      I don't know the area myself, but if you do a search on this board of "30A" you get several threads that look like they'd be useful, several of which have been udpated recently. Here's the search results ->

      1. Thanks for the responses! We ended up in Panama City Beach. I've got a better feel for the area now that I've driven here, so searching past threads is more helpful now.

        1. I recommend the Floribama in Gulf Shores for the drinking portion, a huge crazy beach bar straddling the Florida-Alabama line, as the name implies. You might get lucky and be there in time for the mullet toss. The place rocks. Table dancing encouraged.