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Jun 6, 2008 04:32 PM

Grocery Outlet June 2008

Slim pickings

20 cents - Single serve of Miss Vickie's All Natural Kettle Cooked Creamy Buttermilk Ranch chips (1 3/8 oz)

69 cents - 14 oz Danish Garden Strawberry Fruit Dessert

99 cents - Quart ... or the large size whatever that is ... Mountain High strawberry yogurt.

Haven't tried the strawberry stuff yet. The site says "Try it served with ice cream, pancakes, waffles or pound cake. It makes a delicious and convenient filling for your homemade pies, but can also be enjoyed simply with milk or yogurt."

I thought it might be nice for those times I forget to buy something to put in my oatmeal.

I don't often buy chips ... but ... 20 cents ... Nice thickish chip that is salty with some buttermilk flavor. Not a lot of junk in it. Made in Canada. Frito-Lay is the parent company.

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  1. It's junk, but... dark chocolate peanut M&Ms. New to me and better than dark chocolate Snickers. If only they didn't taste so much of food coloring.

    1. At RWC:

      Pom tea - large size, went up to $2.59
      Pacific Foods Beef and Vegetable Broths (exp. Nov.08) -- 99c
      Pacific Foods Chicken Broth (exp. July 08) -- 99c
      Niman Ranch Chipotle Cheddar sausages - $2.99. (Didn't get - cheese always seems to be too oozy in sausages)
      Popchips (sea salt) -- 99c (Like Quaker popped corn cakes, but in a thin sliver of styrofoam form factor)
      Stahlbush Island farms frozen raspberries -- $1.99 (WF carries a variety of their frozen fruit & veg)

      1. ElkRock IPA for $3.99/six in Berkeley, evaporating quickly.

        1. Oakland Saturday: Challenge *organic* butter (as well as conventional) $2.49/lb. Pepperidge Farms double chocolate cookies, $1.69. They've had the Pepperidge Farms Piroutte cookies, twin pack in a tin, in the mint flavor for a while -- they now have hazelnut as well. Canned salmon is even cheaper than usual: $1.49 for the 14 oz. Lily brand (my very spoiled dog gets a spoonful with her fancy-dancy kibble).

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          1. re: Ruth Lafler

            Oh, I forgot: Pacific organic roasted red pepper/tomato and creamy butternut squash soups, 16 oz. size for 79 cents. Great price, and the smaller size is better for me.

          2. Santa Rosa update -

            The store is getting an update! New carts, new health & beauty aids shelving, wider aisles, an outdoor section or two or three. The dairy case is now built into the wall and has exchanged places with the spices. Alcohol section changed alignment - is there more?

            The stocking policy has shifted too - more shelves for chips, candy & breads make those sections seem much fuller. Hard to tell if there's more variety or more facings of a few items.

            A few great bargains - HD almond & vanilla bars for $.89 and alter eco dark chocolate bars - 3.5 oz for $.99. Boxed broth quarts (chicken, beef) for $.99. and those little bags of chips that RW mentioned. And Ruth's Peppperidge Farm double chocolate cookies.

            It seems like more to come...not easy to sleepwalk through the store anymore. We'll see how they fill the blank spaces.

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            1. re: Columba

              That's nice but I hope upgrading doesn't come with higher prices. If I want ambiance I'll go to the zillion other places in the bay area ... especially if I'm payling $3.99 instead of $2.99 for my Aidell's sausages.

              More prices are starting to creep toward supermarket prices. I worry that they are trying to be a one-stop market that meets all needs instead of what the store near me has on the billboad ... your first grocery stop.

              Quaker Oats recently was the same price,even more expensive than supermarket sales and when you add a coupon at your supermarket that brings the price under GO. Powdered Milk was actually a dollar highter than FoodCo. However, that might just be one of those oddballl items that for some reason GO extravigantly overprices. There's champion prunes that for years has sold for $4.99 which is more expensive than I've seen them anywhere and this one particular wine, I forget the name, that sells for almost double elsewhere.

              Like I said, there's always been one or two baffling items like that. It really is just about the amazing bargains. Last month for one trip my receipt said I saved $100 ... and it wasn't just blowing steam ...I really did save that much.

              Anyway I tried the boxed quart of Imagine tomato basil soup which sells for 99 cents. I was really happy with this ... 90 calories only 1.5 grams of fat ... they use soymilk. Next time I see it I'll put away a few boxes for cold and flu season. So much better than Campbell's.

              1. re: rworange

                The prunes are supposed to be $3.99 now. For some reason San Pablo never brought their price down - the Berkeley store (and most of the rest) are at $3.99...
                I don't know about the Powdered Milk - guess the buyer just isn't shopping the right competition. Would love to know which wine we're overpriced on, because that one is hard to believe. If anything, we're usually guilty of under-pricing wine.