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Jun 6, 2008 04:03 PM

Tacoma - After Work Cocktail Options

I'm looking to have a small work related get together with 10-12 people somewhere in Tacoma (preferably downtown). I'd like someplace that's more upscale with great snacks and good drinks. Seems easy enough, right? I also need at least one decent pool table.

I don't know the town very well so I appreciate any help someone could give me.


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  1. JS, Nothing quite fits your criteria. Without the pool table, I recommend The Matador. With the pool stable, try The Spar. (Less upscale, but a wonderful destination.)

    1. They just rehabbed the Hotel Murano -- When it was the Sheraton, we used to go to the rooftop bar for views, drinks, snacks. Haven't been since the rehab and can't tell if the roof space is still open because the website hypes their lobby bar now, but that looks like the most upscale spot in town.

      Don't think that meets your pool table criterion, though.

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        The top floor of the Murano is for private parties only. The mid-level bar and restaurant is terrible.

      2. The pacific grill has an excellent happy hour and bar menu, the matador is also a good option, however none of them have a pool table.