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Jun 6, 2008 03:50 PM

Anywhere to buy Grammel Schmalz?

I'm trying to find somewhere to buy Grammel Schmalz. It goes by some other names and combos of the same names:
Krammel Schmalz
Grammel Schmaltz
Grieben Schmaltz (more Yiddish - no pork, which is quite nice if it's duck!)

Help! It's a pain to make, so I'd love to find a source, even if it's an online shop (I googled, came up with nothing so far...)

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  1. The definitions of those terms I find online vary. Are you looking for pure pork fat or pork fat with crispy bits of pork?

    Sources for freshly-rendered lard (pure fat):

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    1. re: Robert Lauriston

      It's the schmalz with the grammels, so, the lovely fat with the crispy bits. Some recipes also have some other things added- bit of onion, apple, juniper, etc. But I like it as simple as possible.

      In Austria & Germany you can buy it ready made in containers as you would buy cream cheese here. But I can't find anyone selling it on these shores.

    2. OB,
      I'm not sure where you can buy this, but it's really quite easy to make. My mom used to make her variant of wienerschnitzel (using porkchops instead of veal), and my favorite part was the trimmed bits of the pork fat slowly pan-fried until crispy. So if you can't find Grammel Schmalz for purchase, try making your own...

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      1. re: dr. bullfish

        How does this differ from getting some lard and cooking bacon in it? If not lard I have seen frozen chicken fat at Andronico's