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Jun 6, 2008 03:28 PM

How & why did all the burgers in Toronto/Ontario morph into meatloaf?

I am now officially obsessed! I'm re-posting my mini-rant in the hope that someone can explain, or at least acknowledge the truth.

Okay - here's the deal - according to me, anyway! 99.99% of burgers in Toronto are not burgers at all; they are meatloaf. And the only 2 actual burgers I've had in T.O. are Johnnyburgers ok if you're desperate & have practically forgotten what that real thing tastes like. The other is Allen's - GREAT! Great meat, no shmutz in it, cooked how you want it because there are no eggs that have to be cooked into submission before you eat your meatloaf. Great bun, ripe tomatoes, beyond great fries.

What I can't figure out is how everyone seems to have forgotten what a real burger is - I was here a few years ago & had a Lick's burger - not great, but not meatloaf. And now, not only are all the burgers seasoned - they're all seasoned exactly the same!!! Are they all the same frozen crap?! And if you ask anyone why the burgers have so much stuff in them, they say things like 'you have to hold the meat together' or 'they'd be boring' or 'that's the way they've always been' - I feel like I'm going crazy. And yet, there are a few Torontonians who can appreciate a burger like Allens. Go figure!

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  1. You have a point. I was just talking to my wife about the frozen burgers we buy . . . very very very finely ground. . . no texture left . . . I need to buy a cow . . I do like meatloaf but I'd like a nice burger now and then.

    1. You measure against what you know: The blind men describing an elephant. Marketing works no matter how cool most people think they are. Sometimes cool is ignorance.

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        HI all, The properties that make for a good burger, are off topic on this board, so please discuss local places where such a burger may be found. Thanks a lot!

      2. The original comment has been removed