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Jun 6, 2008 03:22 PM

Strawberry rhubarb pie?

I have a friend, a new transplant to Austin, who's dying for a decent slice of strawberry rhubarb pie. Never touch the stuff myself, but does anyone have any idea where to send her? I see that Threadgill's has it, but the general buzz on that place is so bad that I'd hate to send her there.

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  1. Barmy (or should I call you Mr. Phipps), you might tell your friend to check out the Wimberley Pie Company:

    I haven't loved all their pie varieties, but I seem to recall that they make a pretty good crust for their fruit-based pies. I haven't tried it personally, but strawberry-rhubarb pie seems to be on the current menu at the well-regarded Royers Round Top Cafe:

    Neither place is exactly in Austin, but we Texans would say they're just a short drive away. I also like the pies at Elgin's City Cafe, but I've only tried their lemon and coconut meringue.

    If your friend gets to the point where she's dying for sweet-potato pie. I think Galloway's on East 12th makes the best one in town. It's mentioned in a few older threads on this board.

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      I picked up a pretty tasty strawberry-rhubarb pie at Upper Crust within the past month. My family didn't take long to devour the entire thing... and they do sell by the slice too.