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Jun 6, 2008 03:10 PM

Fun non alcoholic drinks?

Anyone have favorites (w/ recipe) to mention? We want to have a non-alcoholic drink menu, in addition to the boozy kind, at a birthday party at the end of the month.

One of my personal favorites of the moment is fresh lemonade with sprigs of cilantro and sliced jalapenos.

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  1. wow sounds exotic. in india we make 'nimboo pani' which is lemonade and add salt, cumin powder and sugar to it. very good.
    came across recipe for watermelon juiced with lime. do you want it ?

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    1. I like all kinds of aguas frescas, especially watermelon. Also like iced tea made with specialty tea. Good Earth is especially nice for folks who don't want caffeine. Also iced coffee is very summery to me.

      1. I really like making lavender lemonade in the summer. Make tea out of culinary lavender. Use the tea for the water base in the lemonade. It's pink and amazingly refreshing.


          4 bags of Celestial Seasonings Wild Berry tea
          4 bags of Red Zinger
          2 bags of Lemon Zinger

          Add to a gallon of water in a sun tea jar and let sit half an hour or so.
          Tastes so good you don't even need sugar.

          1. Jasmine Iced Tea is my current favorite summer non-alcoholic drink. I tried it last week with 2 parts Jasmine Iced Tea to 1 part ginger ale--surprisingly good.

            Trader Joe's has Sparkling Blueberry Juice, which is fantastic by itself or with club soda.

            I'm a fan of the watermelon juice with lime. If you cut a seedless watermelon into about 1" cubes and freeze it, you can make a great virgin watermelon dacquri. Blend about 1 Tbsp lime juice per 2 cups of watermelon and serve immediately. For a more liquidy drink, just chill the cubed watermelon, then blend and serve.