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Can I make hummus with lime juice?

I want to make some hummus but there are no lemons available where I live. Do you think I could use lime juice, or would that taste too weird? Thanks for advice.

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  1. hmm, I dont think that one would work too well.

    you might try bottled lemon juice (not ideal obviously, but beats changing to lime)?

    1. Sure, why not? You could even add Mexican spices if you wanted to. Cilantro? or Cumin? Cayenne? ...

      I have not done it but wouldn't hesitate to try if I could not get lemon.

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        Maybe some pumpkin seeds ground into a paste in place of the tahini?

      2. I think fern is right on.

        1. No lemons, eh? That's sad. I don't know that lime would be as good as lemon...but you can try it.

          1. I've done this and it turned out fine. I've gotten to the point where I don't even care about tahini. Mostly the taste is the chick peas and a little salt. I like to add a bit of garlic sometimes or a little roasted red pepper. . . sometimes I put in some hot peppers for a bit of zing . . . amazing how much hot peppers you need to put in to actually taste the zing.

            1. Hi MazDee,

              I assume that you are making hummus with tahina (tahini). The tahina must be thinned out with some water and an acid. Lemon juice is ideal, although some water is often still necessary. Lime juice would perform the same task as the lemon juice, although the taste may be a bit different. Lacking limes, you could even use a mild vinegar. Good luck!

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                I use the bean water. That way the flavor isn't diluted.

              2. i'd make a black bean smooth spread instead-- pureed black beans, evoo, lime juice, garlic, cumin, cayenne, sea salt. call it "delicious cuban hummus" if you want, i guess.

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                  I have bought a humus that was made with black beans and limes added, it was great! So, maybe a hybrid would be fun to try.

                2. Hi,
                  I make my hummus with fresh lime juice, cilantro and granulated garlic...when I feel daring I'll add some of my Herdez's canned salsa...its very basic with no vinegar in it to which I'm quite reactive...yummy....

                  1. I use lime juice all the time when the fresh lemons don't look good. I've even used bottled lemon juice and it's been good.

                    1. A restaurant I used to work out used a combination of lime juice, sherry vinegar, and red wine vinegar. It was pretty good.

                      Personally I like lime, it's more complex. Depends on your taste I guess.

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                      1. re: Louise

                        I prefer lime over lemon any day. =)

                      2. No need to worry about the hummus police. The deciding factor is if you like the finished product. My mother used to say that the best recipes were the results of mistakes in the kitchen and/or substituting for something with what you have on hand.

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                        1. It's what I do.

                          I can bet limes easily and cheaply, and some other more orange like sour citrus, but lemon are hard to find. So I use the limes in everything.

                          1. I think lime juice would be a yummy addition!