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Jun 6, 2008 02:48 PM

Soup Man Al Yeganeh Published a Cookbook??

Am I the only person unaware that Al Yeganeh, the Soup Man, had a cookbook out in 1996? no ratings on amazon, no used copies anywhere, I never heard of it....I know St. Martins doesn't have much flair for marketing, but, geez, what happened?

As a bonus, here's a very interesting page:

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  1. So many potential jokes, none of which would make it past the mods.. sigh.

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    1. Jim

      It is a real book as you can see from the Library of Congress Website

      It does not appear that anyone sells is currently

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      1. re: jfood

        That link to the Library of Congress indicates only that an ISBN was applied for, not that the book was ever printed or published.

        I agree with others who say it's improbable, nay, impossible, that the book could have been published and there are no copies available anywhere at any price.

      2. And did the cover look like an armoire?

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        1. Aside from the gags, guys, this guy made awesome soup. And I understood there was huge frenetic interest in his getting a book deal. So where's the book? Anyone have a copy? did he really spill secrets? how come I never heard about it?

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          1. re: Jim Leff

            The soup was good but I think, over hyped due to the whole 'trendy' Seinfeld connection. I think my sister has or had the book given to her due to her rabid Seinfeld addiction. I'll have to ask her. :-}

            1. re: Tay

              I used to walk all the way from Park Ave. to buy his soup when I lived in NYC. Well before Seinfeld. It is that good, and his soup program with restaurants is equally good. I would kill for a bowl of the shrimp bisque right now.

              1. re: Pete Oldtown

                Good grief! I wouldn't walk that far to see the Pope let alone for soup, but I respect those that would. At least you worked up an appetite and burned some calories :-}

                1. re: Tay

                  There were days I just hadda get outta the place, when everyone was screeching at each other. A nice long walk, delicious soup and bread, and of course, just walking in NYC is entertainment. The women at my company turned me on to that place...exercise and a theoretically low-cal meal (hahahaha) was the motivation.

                  His soups probably had 2,000 calories a pop.

            2. re: Jim Leff


              please tell jfood you are not referring to the current incarnation in the stores. The soup in the stores is awful. there is so much sodium it could conduct electricity.

              1. re: jfood

                No, he literally sold out. Per the link I included in my OP, he immediately cashed in his stock in this foul fetid new company and moved back to Iran.

                His soup, by which I mean, uh, his soup, was freakin' great. Especially before the Seinfeld thing messed up his head.

                1. re: Jim Leff

                  I live in lower Manhattan and I see Al the soup guy at both locations periodically. He told me he still oversees the making of the soup..Just not in little batches.

            3. There are only three libraries worldwide who own the book, the Library of Congress and two locations of Baker and Taylor. What the heck?

              I'd seen some "Top Secret" versions of his soups online, but never heard of a cookbook.

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              1. re: amyzan

                I'm not sure if it was actually published/sold but once a book goes to press, some copies always end up floating around...

                1. re: Tay

                  Look, he could not have possibly done this book without a SERIOUS advance. So what, did St. Martins burn all copies? This is INSANE. It vanished without a trace. My crappy little eclectic guide, from the past century, rife with closed and highly damaged restaurants from another era, remains available. So wtf??

                  I'd imagine their rarity would make them valuable. But I can't discern a market. Or any other trace. It's majorly weird.

                  1. re: Jim Leff

                    St. Martin's give a serious advance? Please. Their advances are the publishing-world equivalent of the change you find beneath the cushions of an old couch.

                    1. re: condiment

                      Oh, I know, believe me. But the guy was a seriously hot property, editors and agents were vying for him...if he signed with St. martin, they must have come up with SOME sort of cash as a special loss leader case. Which I guess he gave all back. Perhaps right around the time he had the big buyout, and decided he didn't need the aggravation.