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Jun 6, 2008 02:46 PM

Dinner near Victoria Palace Theater in Aug

We will be going to the Victoria Palace Theater in Aug to see Billy Elliott and would like to know if there are any reasonably priced restaurants in the same area. We like any type of food. Also what kind of dress does one wear to the theater (coat & tie - casual)?

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  1. There's a fair bit of choice in that area - have you got any cuisines in mind that might help narrow it down? You could have a browse on or - just search under area for Victoria & Pimlico.

    As for theatre dresscodes, it's not that formal any more - suits are good, but smart casual is fine too. You only have to wear a tie if you'd like to anyway!

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      We went to see Billy Elliott 2 years ago - one of the best shows we have ever seen (and we see alot of theatre). Thanks to these boards we ate at Kazan (93---94 Wilton Road, Victoria, 020 7233 7100) pre-theatre . Great food and a short walk to the theatre. Enjoy!!

    2. Being from Texas we have had asian, Italian and obviously mexican. But we don't have much experience with east indian or southwest asian food (pakistan - Iraqi etc). Also we'd like to try pub food. The last time we were in London we had fish and chips in a pub and were disapointed. We were looking forward to batter fried fish and both times when we ordered F&C in a pub we got breaded fish, although the chips part of the meal was great.

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        A few suggestions for you:

        I'll second jmlh's recc for Kazan (Turkish) - see reviews here:

        Noura (Lebanese) -

        You can find fish & chips at Seafresh, though I haven't been so can't vouch for quality. There are reviews here:

        I can't think of a decent gastropub that's close to the theatre, but the Thomas Cubitt is a smart bar and dining room combo: