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Jun 6, 2008 02:42 PM

Where can I find chipotle chiles in adobo sauce?

I saw the stuff at Whole Foods, but they wanted $2.50 for the tiny can.

There's a Western Beef by my house in Brooklyn that sells a lot of Latin ingredients on the cheap, but I can't find it there. It's weird.


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  1. I usually buy it at the Met Market on 2nd Avenue and 7th Street, but it's by my apartment and not necessarily a "go out of your way" supermarket. It's in the canned goods section with the other Mexican/Latin ingredients. A small can goes a long way. You can easily freeze the leftovers as individual peppers for use later on.

    1. Go Goya! Seriously, any grocery store that carries Goya stuff (i.e. any grocery store in NYC) should have them. They're not going to be 99 cents, however. They're a bit over $2 usually.

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        I don't live in New York, but these are so commonly available in the Hispanic food section of the supermarket - several brands.

        here's a will probably only need a little out of the can, so what I do is freeze it in globs in a tupperware container, then when I need more I just pry it out frozen. Also, unless you like your things REALLY hot, make sure you scrape out the seeds before using it in a recipe.

        1. re: jasmurph

          Bought a can at Harlem Fairway today for $1.59.

        2. I find it on my regular supermarket shelves, but in Manhattan you may be a bit more challanged, In Brooklyn, I am a bit surprised, the 8 oz can here is .79, up from.59.

          1. Have you asked any one in the supermarket if they carry chipotle because I am very surprised they don't carry that item. It might just be in an aisle you would didn't look in.

            1. I have found them at Western Beef, after going all over looking for them for a recipe, only to come home to find a can that I had bought somewhere else. It still has the lavel on by the way, and it is $3.39. The chilis alone are cheap, it's in the adobo sauce that it's not.