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Dinner for my 21st?

tunhgirl Jun 6, 2008 02:11 PM

I'm planning on going out to dinner for my 21st birthday this month with about 10 friends. While I am very excited and would be willing to spend a bit more, I don't know if that's fair to ask of everyone. Either way (cheaper or higher priced) I'd like somewhere in the greater Cambridge area (Cambridge/Medford/Somerville/Arlington etc...) that would be delicious as well as having a fun atmosphere and a good drink menu for the of-age members of the party. Thank you in advance!

Also, places I've been and liked, although I'd like to try somewhere new:
Bistro 5
The Elephant Walk
(all probably too pricey for this dinner anyway)

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  1. finlero RE: tunhgirl Jun 6, 2008 02:18 PM

    Dali always tops my list for this sort of thing. I've lost count of the great birthday parties I've attended there.

    Great tapas, a fun and festive atmosphere, not ridiculously expensive, and easily my favorite sangria in town.

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      lexpatti RE: finlero Jun 6, 2008 04:19 PM

      Ditto, very fun place and can keep the price down by ordering appropriately!

      1. re: finlero
        NiKoLe1625 RE: finlero Jun 7, 2008 07:36 AM

        I would also second the Dali rec. Went there for a friends birthday back in February and it was a lot of fun. Food is great, as is the Sangria

      2. l
        LeoLioness RE: tunhgirl Jun 6, 2008 05:51 PM

        These might be more casual than what you are looking for, but maybe Highland Kitchen or the B-Side?

        1. l
          lexpatti RE: tunhgirl Jun 6, 2008 06:38 PM

          Or if you make it over to Charlstown - Tangerino is pretty fun with belly dancers and a hookah bar next door.

          1. digga RE: tunhgirl Jun 6, 2008 07:08 PM

            For me, I love following food with some fun group activity. A fun night might be Redbones (as the BBQ-eating Chowhounders might say, it is not the most chowish, but it's festive!), followed by bowling at Sacco's Bowl Haven, which I believe is still open despite reports of its (imminent) demise. If you are near Davis, gini, trusted hound, has reported that Sagra is still good for apps/fried items (which sounds celebratory to me!). That sort of meal might be more palatable price-wise for your friends. Plus the space is huge, especially with the Tufts kids gone.

            1. j
              jajjguy RE: tunhgirl Jun 10, 2008 08:29 PM

              Green Street in Central
              Casablanca in Harvard, the cafe/bar area
              Deep Ellum in Allston, if you want to go in a casual pub direction
              Independent in Union Somerville
              Eastern Standard in Kenmore
              Bambara in Cambridge near Lechmere
              Ole Mexican Grille
              Dali: this is a good occasion to try it, as i think they take reservations for large groups so you won't have to submit to the sidewalk waiting ritual

              these are places with very good food and drink and a lively feel, where you can let loose and be a little boisterous. happy birthday!

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