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Jun 6, 2008 01:55 PM

Hilton Head - Fresh seafood market

We'll be on Hilton Head in July. We'd like to find options for fresh seafood besides going to the supermarket. Something small and local. We'd prefer a market near fishing boats but don't think there will be any. We've heard about a place called Rock's Market. Are there any other options? We'd also like to find the best italian, seafood and pizza on the island. Thanks

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  1. I like Benny Hudson's....

    There's also a small farm nearby that sells to the public.

    Just off island, Bluffton Oyster Factory is also good...and on a pretty historic street.

    1. If you want to go for a drive and see some beautiful marsh land, try Low Bottom Seafood just off of Rte 170 North on the way to Beaufort. It'll be about a 20-30 minute drive depending on where you are on Hilton Head, but it's worth it because the fish is exquisitely fresh and about 1/4 of the price of the places on the island - it's about 1/4 mile from a boat landing and their shrimp, crab and local fish are always very, very fresh. For the best pizza, come off the island and go to Bada Bing's on Rte 46 in Bluffton - fabulous pizza as good as any that you'll find in NY. There is truly no other pizza that's all that good on the Island or in Bluffton. For seafood, try Redfish or Black Marlin both on the Island. Redfish is on Palmetto Bay Road and Black Marlin is in Palmetto Bay Marina. I like Da Vino's for italian (which is now in a new location) or IL Carpaccio - which most natives swear by. Finally, if you want to go to a 50's style seafood place - large and bustling, right on the water with shrimp boats docked outside the window (they filmed Forrest Gump there try the 11th Street Dockside restaurant in Port Royal - again a bit of a drive, but really nice and you'll see some beautiful and authentic lowcountry scenery along the way.

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        Divamon, you seem to know the area pretty well. My husband and I just moved to Savannah. Do you know of any fresh seafood markets around town? I thought I saw one on Thunderbolt but wasn't sure if it was operational. Also, do you have any tips on local (non-chain) bakeries? Thanks so much!!

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          Hi Kendasuz - I actually live in Bluffton, so I'm not so sure about Savannah. I do go down to the Georgia State Farmers market on Rte 80 every saturday to buy my veggies. They have amazing corn, melons, butter beans, peaches, etc. I've been going there for a couple of years and, while they're not dirt cheap, the produce is local and far less expensive than the organic farmers market on Whitaker. I know many people love Back in the Day bakery on Bull Street. I've never been there, so I can't speak to that, but I have a young friend who goesd to SCAD who goes there every day. It's definitely not a chain! I'll ask around about the seafood places and let you know, but I remember someone telling me there's a place on the way to Tybee that has excellent seafood. I'll find out the name. Welcome to the area - it's a wonderful place to live!

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            Thanks a lot!! I'll have to check out the GA State Farmers market ... is that on the same road as Victory? I love getting local produce, so it sounds like it will be perfect. Yes, the Back in the Day Bakery sounds great, too! I am looking forward to exploring the culinary finds in this great town!! :)

      2. Rocks closed sometime ago. The town of Bluffton is on the mainland side of the HH bridge. The Bluffton Oyster Factory is at the end of Wharf St., right on the May River. Good, fresh fish and seafood for sale. On Thursdays at 3:00 to 6:00 PM is a Farmers' Market right in front of the shop. The shop looks kind of rundown on the outside but the fish is very good and the Toomers, who own the place, are great.
        I agree that Bada Bings on Rte 46 in Bluffton is the best pizza in the area. Every restaurant in the area serves fish. I love Le Bistro in Pineland Center. Excellent Mediterranian food. The salad and bread is worth the price all by themselves. Great Italian is hard to come by. Carpaccios is pretty good. Charlie's L'Etoille Vert Is very good fro seafood and has a great winelist.
        Happy eating.

        1. From an islander of 27 years:

          I believe Captain's Sea Food across the street from Coligny Plaza has fresh fish.

          The owner of Bada Bings is a good friend of mine, but I still think Il Carpaccio has the best pizza in the area.

          My nod for Italian goes to Mulberry Street Trattoria in Bluffton. First left after the Moss Creek light.

          But for the best island dining experience I like Riviera Oaks on New Orleans Road or Spice in the Village at Wexford/

          1. Just returned from a week @ Hilton Head.

            The best food we had was at:

            HH Prime - @ the Hilton. Prime beef, almost as good as the top Chicago steakhouses.

            Charleys Crab - The only place I found that did she-crab soup like a bisque, most places served it more like a chowder. Had the she-crab for lunch on Thursday, and dinner on Friday.

            Kenny B's French Quarter Cafe - went twice for breakfast to have crabcakes bennedict.

            I wanted to cook some local shrimp, but took a vacation from cooking as well as work.

            As a side note, a day trip to Tybee Island is recommended, we went on Saturday, on our "way home" to Chicago. Had lunch @ The Crab Shack on Tybee Island, and it was a treat. A $40 platter contained approx. 1-1/2 lbs snow crab legs, a half a dozen jonah crab claws, about a dozen mussles, a pound of peel and eat shrimp, about a pound of crawfish, sausage, corn, and potatoes.