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Jun 6, 2008 01:16 PM

Nice dinner near LA House of Blues

My husband and I are taking one of his client's to dinner next week before a show at the House of Blues. We are from Orange County and not familiar with the area at all. Anyone have suggestions/recs for a nice client dinner location near the HOB? I did a search but didn't see any recent threads on the topic.


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  1. You have both the Sunset Strip and the Restaurant Row on La Cienega so depending on what you are looking for, there's a myriad of excellent restaurants to choose from including BLT Steak, STK, BOA for steak, Nobu, Katana and Koi for sushi. There's Il Sole and Cafe Med for Italian. There's also Bar Marmont, Republic and even Comme Ca and Lucques on Melrose which is only a couple of blocks away.

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      So many options to choose from! Of those listed, which is the best dining experience? Oh and my husband just told me we will only have an hour and a half (boo!) to eat before we are expected at the HOB. We like all kinds of food so type of cuisine is not as relevant as quality.

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        OOOOHHHHH .... Katana on Sunset - I second! So delicious and the location is prime.

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          If you only have only 90 minutes, I would suggest Katana as well. It's directly across the street from HOB and has a huge patio overlooking Sunset. When you make reservations, make sure you ask for the patio because it's quite popular during the summer. The food is primarily sushi and cooked Japanese-style small dishes as well as robata which is japanese bbq skewers. It's a bit pricey and quite sceney but you can get in and out quickly. Have a great time!

      2. If you can get in, I'd actually just go to the Foundation Room upstairs at the HOB. The food's not going to challenge any Michelin-star restaurants, but it's a great scene (the band often hangs out at the bar beforehand), really cool atmosphere, pretty darn good food, and you'll have no worries at all timing-wise.

        1. I had a wonderful dinner at the Asia de Cuba restaurant in the Mondrian Hotel right next door to the HOB. Very "tres hip" environment.