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Jun 6, 2008 01:10 PM


I have been trying to find their phone number to find out if it is open yet. Anyone have any idea? Thanks.

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  1. It doesn't look like it from their website -
    but send them an e-mail and see.

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    1. re: cherylmtl

      It definitely looks like it'll be open as of tomorrow - hosting a Euro Cup event - and after some detective work, I found a phone no: 514-934-0888.


      1. re: cherylmtl

        i did and indeed they are opened.
        has anyone tried the food yet?
        i'm thinking of trying it for dinner tomorrow night.

        1. re: jarschef

          I live in the neighbourhood and went twice over the weekend (they opened last Thursday) and I can't recommend it highly enough. The owners have really opened up the space and in addition to a wonderful terrase, they have a fairly large upstairs dining area as well. The decor is slightly upscale pub,, but the dress is definitely casual. The food I've tried so far has been very good. On Friday I stopped in, the kitchen had just closed, but I was with a large group and they allowed us to order from the appetizer menu and I tried the cod cakes. Very, very good. Light and delicious, and a generous portion. Saturday I tried the traditional fish and chips, and again, very good. Not too greasy, but good batter and very nice tender fish inside. The overall menu isn't very large, but features traditional English pub fare. They have quite a few beers on tap, and their house brew is very good. The service is a little slow, but I think they are adjusting to the huge demand they are already receiving and it will straighten out over the next couple of weeks. Friday night it was absolutely packed. Currently they are closed on Sundays, but one of the owners, Paul (an amazingly nice guy) said that may change due to the Euro cup/neighbourhood demand. This is a much needed addition to the St. Henri area and there is no doubt in mind it's going to do phenomenally well.

          Oh yeah, prices are pretty reasonable. Two pints and fish & chips came to about $35 tax/tip in.

      2. So we checked out Burgundy Lion last Wednesday. It's a nice space - rather open and airy for a pub. When we showed up around 7:30pm the place was full and there was not a table to be had, although I believe the upstairs may have been closed. We decided to sit at the bar while waiting for a table to be free and ended up having our meal there. The bar is pretty well stocked with a good selection of whiskies of all origins, gins, vodkas, ports, and cognacs plus the usual bar fare, but unfortunately no Pimm's.

        The menu consists of standard British fare. There's nothing too surprising save for a poutine with Stilton and Scotch based sauce, which didn't seem that appealing to me. I opted for the Scotch egg and the fish and chips. The Scotch egg ($8) was served halved with an apparently homemade pickle. The egg was alright, nothing special, it's only a Scotch egg after all, but the pickle was delicious. Then came the fish and chips ($16). Two large pieces of white fish cooked perfectly. Golden brown and crispy on the outside, tender and moist on the inside. The batter could have been better seasoned, though. The chips looked nice enough, but the taste and texture where disappointing. They were mealy and bland. The dish came with a nice tartar sauce and mashed peas. Malt vinegar came in a spray bottle. An interesting gimmick, but ultimately much less effective than the old fashioned bottle which I would have preferred.

        My dining companions had the fish pie and the highland burger. The fish pie ($14) had salmon, cod and haddock topped with mashed potatoes and leek. It was quite good. It was served with a salad of mixed greens with an oil and vinegar dressing that looked like it had been sitting out for a while and also tasted that way. I didn't get to taste the highland beef burger ($13), but my friend said the meat was coarse and dry, and cooked through even tough it had been ordered medium.

        One thing that left me perplexed was the rather small selection of local beers and the abundance of industrial imports. I know the place is British themed, but if what they're aiming for is the best pub experience, they should really have some better beers, and why not some local ones. There's a brewery just a few blocks away that makes an outstanding stout and a terrific cream ale and pale ale. The house ale is alright, and at six dollars a pint it's not outrageously expensive, but the imports are $8 a pint, whilst the local beers go for $7. That's in line with the food prices, but to me it's all a bit steep. I guess I'm not their target audience. I'm more used to the $5 pint. Nevertheless, perceived value is subjective and judging from the crowd on that night, people seem to be perfectly happy paying premium prices for rather ordinary food and drink, as long as the setting is right.

        So is it good? Sure it is. It's fine, and as far as Montreal gastropubs go, it's the only game in town. Will I be going back anytime soon? I wouldn't think so. The food is not exceptional and the place just doesn't offer the kind of value for money that I'm looking for. I would recommend it to anyone looking or a better than average pub, but I'll stick to cheaper grungier places that sell St-Ambroise at $5 a pint.

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        1. re: SnackHappy

          They cater the dinners for the Corona "dinner and show" combos.

          If I were to try it, I would aim for a night when nothing is on at the Corona.

          1. re: SnackHappy

            Interesting report, SnackHappy. I must say I've had the exact opposite experience on the several times I've stopped by the Burgundy Lion. Firstly, the food has never disappointed. I'm surprised to hear you were disappointed with the Fish n Chips, as I've found myself craving their delicious beer battered crispness many times since the first time I indulged in them. I adore fish n chips and have never found a better version in the city of Montreal. They also feature a delicious cold soup, and some seriously good roast beef! I also find the prices beyond reasonable. I can have a wonderful meal and a few pints for around 30$! In my opinion, nothing beats it. Lastly, you should have asked for a Pimm's from the bartender. They have a delicious home made version, and it's very tasty!

            1. re: CocoBean

              I don't know where you got that I didn't like the fish. The fish was quite good. It wasn't the best I've had, but it was well above average by Montreal standards. It's the fries that weren't very good. They were dry, mealy and bland.

              Like I've written before, I thought the food was fine, but not outstanding. Maybe the rest of the menu is better than what we had on that night, but based on my experience I don't think it's worth shlepping all the way out to Saint-Henri.

              Also, fish and chips, two pints plus taxes and tip will run you a lot closer to $40. I know you could do a lot worse than what you get at Burgundy Lion for $40, but on my budget, I can't justify the expense.

              1. re: SnackHappy

                Interesting discussion - I've been about 4 times now and mostly happy that there's a pub w/in walking distance to home...Here's my two cents:

                1. Agree with disappointing and expensive beer selection...first off, the "home brew" is actually a Sleeman product and ii, a pint of Carlsberg for $8? A good test for me is a Guinness which was poured well and tasty, but overall, nothing to keep me going back on the beer front. Haven't tried a cocktail, but did note the quality hooch behind the bar.

                2. Food is uneven and this is highlighted by all comments so far - it's hit and miss and we've even gone as far as commenting on the overdressed and "tired" looking salad (plates and/or served with meals) and still no change...hmmm. I really enjoyed the fish and chips, and have tried the portobella burger, which like everything else has been good, or can be overcooked.
                3. Service - always friendly and efficient, one of the owners has gone out of the way to encourage feedback, so next time you're in, do so! They are young and could probably benefit ....

          2. Ok, so it has been a while since anyone posted in this thread, but here goes.

            I went to the pub on Thursday late afternoon. It wasn't busy, just a few other people. I tried their St Henri brew, which was decent. What I didn't like was that the service sucked big time. The bar maid came and took my order as soon as I sat down. She asked if I was eating, I let her know that I wasn't sure. She dropped off my drink and left. I couldn't seem to get her attention for any follow up service. You see I decided that I was hungry. For 20 minutes after I finished my beer I just couldn't seem to get any service at all. She just kept talking to other staff behind the bar.
            I left and had a sandwich at Toi et Moi instead.
            Now I thought that this might be an aberation. But my new next door neighbour was moving in today. He said that after he closed on his condo yesterday, he went over for a drink. He found that the bartender acted as if she was doing him a favour in serving him.
            So that is two experiances in two days. I don't know about my neighbour. But I have crossed them off my list of places to go or to recommend. In fact I would go so far as to tell people to run the other way if they are invited there.

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            1. re: bigfellow

              That's certainly not the experience I had there... Then again, I went for dinner, when they are really busy, and was served by a waiter (not a barmaid). I guess they do better with meals than just drinks.

              1. re: bigfellow

                I was thrilled to see them opening in my hood.
                Unfortunately my 3 visits have all been horrible and there won’t be a 4th. The service is beyond bad.
                One guy who hasn't cleaned his white shirt since they opened and forgets just about everything you order, how he still has a job is a miracle.
                I heard him tell a table of 6 "The bartender told me the wine you ordered was not really all that good so he suggested this wine that is 17 more but better" The people were shocked into submission.

                Last visit I had the burger which he told me was Angus beef, it wasn't it was Highland Beef. I asked him for mayonnaise twice and once from the busboy I never got it. At the end of the meal I said "I guess you don’t have any mayonnaise in the house to which he replied "mayonnaise is not good it’s too oily"
                The $13 burger arrived on a stale Kaiser bun that broke into pieces and I needed the Hubble telescope to find the meat.
                They are off my list and I won’t recommend them to anyone.

                1. re: InterFoodie

                  I spoke to some of my neighbours about the place today. It is only a few blocks from home. But as I said, I've written them off to. They have a place across the street also. But after the experiance I've had, I won't be trying them out either.

                  1. re: bigfellow

                    I live in the neighbourhood and want very badly to support my local businesses, and I'm really happy to have a pub near me. The burgers are pretty good. But that's about the end of the positive things I have to say about BL. I really find the food to be heavy and greasy. I'm not much of a beer drinker, so I find the wine list to be pretty lame. They refer to themselves as a "gastro-pub" but the menu is actually pretty straighforward pub fare. I'd love to see them go a little more gastro and include some lighter options. I really think they need to re-think their food, and I hope they do. It's a shame to waste such a great space and concept.

                    1. re: jensie

                      I've worked and frequented a few Gastro-pubs. The Sparrow is much more of a Gastro-pub to my mind. But they are still without their liquor license.
                      The BL is just a well decorated pub with so so food and bad service from what I've seen.

                      1. re: bigfellow

                        Ive been many times to drink and/or eat. More often than not, the service was terrible. Waiting 40 minutes for drinks, overcooked burgers etc. Its sad because I thought it had so much potential.

              2. This pub is located a few minutes from my home, and I drop by frequently. I think it's important to note that they do not pretend to be "gastro" by any means. In fact I see no pretension at all. The concept is a modern British bar with all things English. From my experience, the food has always been exactly that. Simple, classic, and very good.

                Also very important is to realize the power of feedback. This is a relatively new establishment, owned by young and enthusiastic boys. Letting them know about less than desirable experiences will only help in making my neighborhood pub a better place! They're all friendly, knowledgeable, and passionate. I'm sure they'd be all ears to any complaint.

                Did any of you with negative comments voice your opinions to management?

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                1. re: CocoBean

                  The "manager"was too busy I was told when I called up later in the afternoon whebn I was last there.

                  It is in my neighbourhood too. But as far as I'm concerned it is a complete writeoff. There are better places not too much farther away.

                  1. re: bigfellow

                    OK, so I went to BL for the first time on Wednesday night and thought it was definitely average.

                    A positive,though ,was the beer selection, which was better than at most pubs in Montreal. There were some nice English selections to complement the standard Irish ones.
                    The food was really not anything special. It wasn't bad, by any means, but it was average relative to other pubs I've eaten at (Ye Olde Orchard. McKibbins, etc.) In its defense, the term "gastropub" does not appear to be self-proclaimed, so they aren't really taking themselves THAT seriously. I had the fisherman's pie, which was good, but not very exciting. It didn't have a depth of flavour but it was OK. The salad was nicely dressed, with a good combination of greens. My co-diner had the burger, which was fine, but again very average. It tasted like one I could easily make at home. Fries were fine, standard pub style. The gravy was cold and had a film when the dish came to the table; disappointing.

                    So to sum up, this pub is a fine place to have a pint and a modest meal, but those who call it a "modern gastropub" or the like, I think, are mistaken in doing so. This is another run of the mill pub at the end of the day.

                    1. re: berbatov

                      I am surprised to see some of the bad experiences people have had. We've been at least 25+ times in the last year since they opened and the experienceswe have had have always been good. The owners are great, the wait staff and bartenders know their stuff and the food fresh. It's a casual place that is perfect for that end of the workday drink and an occasional bite - just what a pub is supposed to be.
                      I agree that the owners are extremely open to feedback and based on past experiences I am sure that they would be grateful for the feedback.

                  2. re: CocoBean

                    Had brunch there last Sunday and it was really great. I had the full english breakfast and loved it. Huge amount of delicious food including really good boudin noir if you like that kind of thing. Service was great.

                    1. re: iradub

                      I've stopped by BL several times over the past year, often for Lunch. The Continental Chicken is superb and pairs beautifully with a fine English Ale. Good, attentive service and would agree that the food is not over-the-top good. But good indeed. No complaints at all. An excellent assortment of Scotch. Great place to go when you're in that mood.

                  3. Never expected pub food to be good but after seeing a show on the TV talking about the BL Colonial chicken (their indian version of tikka masala) I told myself next time in the area for lunch I would give it a try.

                    It was a sad experience nothing to write home about with the chicken being dry, the flavors being bland and all this for a tag price of 17$ for the dish. If you're going to charge 17$ for a dish, I would expect an above average to amazing quality.

                    2nd bad dish was the Cod Fish Cakes. it was bland with more filling than cod in there. Total bill was 29$ with tx for the food.

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                    1. re: maj54us

                      Their scotch menu is really the only reason to visit BL. It's almost always too busy, with spotty service by disinterested staff.

                      1. re: maj54us

                        I think the only reason this place gets praise from some foodies is because this place isn't located on that strip of the St-Laurent between Sherbrooke and Prince Arthur.

                        1. re: Ghostquatre

                          I'd say the pubs along Bishop and Crescent are the more likely contrast, but I agree with your premise. Also gets praise because there are very few late-night options in St-Henri / Little Burgundy. I've only been a few times (because I don't live in the sticks, heh heh) but each time service sucked, plus the open 2-story ceiling makes it extremely loud upstairs, like having a big echo chamber / acoustic sinkhole in the middle of the place.