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Jun 6, 2008 01:02 PM

Edison, NJ Shrimp Fun Noodle recommendations

I am not sure if many people know of this dish, but I declared it one of my favorite foods to eat. They serve it at Wonder Seafood on their Dim Sum menu which ends at 3:00 PM. Now, It is past 3:00 PM and I want to eat this. For anyone who doesn't know this dish they can visit the wikipedia:

Essentially the shrimp version is 3 pieces (the number varies) of shrimp inside a thin rice noodle roll with some sweet soy sauce on top of it. It's amazing, they also have variants like beef (which I really liked also!). Now I know Wonder Seafood cannot be the only place in Edison which serves this type of dim sum. There used to be a place on Rt 1 before Woo Jeon existed there, which was a Chinese place which is where I was introduced to this dish about 14 years ago. I never knew the dish name until recently when a friend showed me a picture and I realized it was one of my favorite dishes growing up.

Does anyone know if there is any other place that serves this rice noodle roll in Edison? I really want an option to get it after 3:00 PM. I hope someone is familiar and can help me. Thank you so much!

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  1. The only place that you can get this after 3 pm is at the Chinese Supermarket. They sell it frozen but it doesn't taste the same.

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      I don't live too far from The Asian Food Center. Is that the supermarket you are talking about? Or the one by Penang? How much is it? Does it have the sweet soy sauce?

    2. That's a Dim Sum dish. Traditionally they are not served after Dim Sum hours which unfortunately ends around 3 pm. If you find any after 3pm, it would be ones that are not make fresh.
      Any Chinese restaurant that serves Dim Sum will probably have this dish i.e. Sunny Palace, 1-9 Seafood Restaurant, Crown Palace, etc... however, after 3 pm, you probably can't find it.

      In Cantonese, this dish is called Steamed "Cheung Fun" -- "Cheung Fun" literally means intestine noodle.. it's just a description of the shape of those noodle there are no intestine in it.

      The frozen one's are going to be a little soggier than the fresh one and without as much meat and shrimp in it. i do believe they come with a small packet of the soy sauce.

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        Seems like someone should open up a 24/7 Dim Sum place. I am sure it'd do well, especially in Edison. yCf thank you for the reply. I appreciate it. I was aware of Cheung Fun meaning intestine noodle. I really should go to the Asian Food Center and try the soggy frozen one.

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          I tried the frozen Cheung Fun from the store, but it wasn't really that good compared to Wonder Seafood's. At any rate, I can keep wishing for a 24/7 Dim Sum place...

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            Yeah, sorry... huge difference between fresh and frozen food, big surprise :-)

            I doubt there is any 24/7 dim sum plance anywhere in the world, let alone NJ, although there really should be some.

            If you are a Dim Sum lover, you should really visit Hong Kong when you have a chance. However, you might have a difficult time eating Dim Sum in any U.S. chinese restaurant after that.

      2. There used to be an amazing chinese place on Route 1 in Edison that served Dim Sum on the weekends but then it shut down. This was in 1997. Cheung Du was the name of the place.

        So I started going to a place in Iselin on Route 1 that had Dim Sum on the weekends, I think it is still there King something or other. Right next to the Staples on Green Street, I think.

        I know they had something like this. Not sure if they still do.

        I know that chinese supermarket too - the best one in all of NJ in my opinion. Asian Food Center on Route 27?? I used to go there a lot when I lived in Iselin. I miss the place. The closest to me now is a market in Somerville. It doesn't have half the stuff that Asian Food Center has, a very small produce dept and frozen dept. I think they also sell dim sum on the weekends for sale.

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          that is my favorite dim sum dish also, i always get two when i go!

          1. re: dragonguy

            Yeah! Me too! I always get two. Soo amazing... *drools* Sometimes I go for 3... it's so cheap.

          2. re: RisaG

            King Chef is the name of the place...
            Good dim sum...

              1. re: jtm297


                It's right where rt1/9 split if you are going south. You can't miss it. It's huge with a big red King's Chef sign.