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Jun 6, 2008 12:36 PM

Long Island Sushi From Owners Of Nobu?

My sister recently gave me a coupon for a new long island sushi restaurant being opened by the owners of Nobu. I lost the coupon and all the info. Anyone know what the restaurant is?

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  1. Sea Cliff Coffee & Sushi Co. has chefs from Nobu, but it's been around a few years.
    You would have better luck posting on the Tri-state board.

    1. I just came across Arata Sushi in Syosset. There is a Newsday article from 2011 which highlights the restaurant and chef as a "young veteran of the Nobu empire". Urbanspoon doesn't put it very high on their list as 86% liked it but that may not mean much if this place is still finding it's stride.

      1. This place just opened in Sea Cliff; haven't been there:

        Sea Cliff Coffee & Sushi closed years ago. Arata very good, but it's also true that a lot of the good sushi restaurants that have opened up on the Island in the past few years boast that at least one of the folks involved has come from Nobu. Sometimes we wonder if they washed dishes or took reservations at Nobu!