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Jun 6, 2008 12:33 PM

Where to find dried cannellini (white kidney) beans - NoVA only

I'd rather not use the canned kind for a recipe, but will if necessary. I used to buy them at the Whole Paycheck in plastic containers, but they don't seem to have them any more. Does anyone recall seeing them anywhere else - HT, Balducci's, Italian Store, one of the int'l markets?? I need them this evening so I have to stay local in NoVA - FC, Arl, Alex, FF.

Thanks so much.

Cocinero Cubano

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  1. If you need the dried beans this evening, you won't have time to soak them. I would go to the Euro Market on Washington Blvd in Arlington (near El Charrito Caminante). They have some Portuguese beans (a good selection) which are close if not the same as cannellini beans.

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      Thanks. I meant that I need them tonight in order to soak them for use tomorrow. As it happens I found them at the Italian Store - the last place I tried, of course. I should've gone there first. I thought of the Euro Market too, but didn't go. Next time I'll check it out. Thanks for the tip.

      Cocinero Cubano

    2. Sorry this is a little late in the game but they do sell them at Italian Store for future reference

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        The Giant Food near me (McLean) has them, they have a "hispanic / international" section and have various kinds of dried beans there.

        1. re: UncleLongHair

          Pretty much any grocery with a Latino section will have them, dried and canned.

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            Thanks. I went to two bodegas, La Union and El Chaparral, and no luck at either. I really figured they'd have them; no such. Whole Paycheck used to carry them so I hit them first, the one on P Street and the one in Cla-Ring-Done; again, nothing doing at either. From now on I'll go to the Italian Store first.

            Cocinero Cubano

      2. White kidney beans are not native to Italy - but of the New World. Some serious food magazine, I think maybe Cook's Illustrated, said a few years ago that cannellini are a descendant of the American variety called Great Northern, and their tasting panel couldn't tell the difference. They also said if you don't have time to soak them overnight, don't despair, just cook them a little bit longer. (They said soaking them for only one hour, as some "quick-cooking" recipes call for, made no difference at all.)

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          I usually simmer dried beans for about an hour at breakfast, then leave them in the hot water until lunch. Drain the liquid and prepare as with canned beans. No ill effects. I've tried cooking them with their cooking liquor, as is recommended in several Mexican cookbooks, and I end up gassing everyone out of the house. Honestly, it's like a mustard gas attack on the Somme. I have to throw open the skylight and light scented candles.