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Jun 6, 2008 12:18 PM

ISO ahi appetizers for 25 people

A friend turns 50 tomorrow and I want to bring some appetizers to his party. So far he's got California Rolls, Buffalo Wings, fruit salad and Caipirinhas. Anyone have any good ahi-based appetizers that would match the someone eclectic menu?

I'm eyeing the Korean-style Tuna Tartare and Peppered Tuna Skewers on epicurious. Anyone out there tried those?


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  1. I haven't made those recipes, but I've made a sort-of tuna tartare (maybe it's just more like poke or spicy tuna) with great success. I take tuna, dice it up, and mix in sesame oil and a little Korean chili paste (gochujang). You could serve it with thin rice crackers or on top of wonton chips. I've also had it with taro chips and it's tasty. I think it would be a good appetizer for about 25 people as it goes a long way.

    1. Ina's receipe for Tuna Tartare is so good!!!! Everytime i make it everyone raves about it...left overs (if any) can be made into Tuna burgers. I will tell you that sushi grade Ahi (and yes - it has to be sushi grade) here in LA is $$$ and for 50 people youare looking to spend at least $70 on the fish alone.

      If you have a Trader Joes near you, you can buy the wontons already made. I have also served the tartare in endive leaves, butter lettece etc...

      Good luck.

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        Thanks for the suggestions.

        Yummyinmytummy, thanks for the concern about price. I'm going to check out the wholesale fish market down in Pedro tomorrow and see what their prices are like these days. Last time I was there I picked up a chunk of tuna the size of my head for next to nothing. Don't know if they have sushi-grade tuna but I'm hoping!

      2. This is so easy it's ridiculous. Roll your ahi in some toasted sesame seeds and sear to rare in a skillet. Slice and serve on rice crackers w/ a sprinkle of soy sauce and a dab of wasabi. Or a spicy mango sauce. Whatever! You can sear it and slice it up just before you leave. Assemble when you get there.

        1. I have just the appetizer for you. It's a recipe from Gourmet about 10 years ago called "Tuna Sates with Wasabi Mayonnaise," and it is super simple but really, really delicious. I've made it numerous times for parties and gatherings, and it's the kind of dish where people hover over the plate inhaling the things until every last one is gone.

          Here's the recipe:

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            Thanks, DanaB! I just spoke to the birthday boy and he said he'd actually prefer something cooked since the food will be sitting out for a while. I'd been looking at this recipe along with the Peppered Tuna Skewers and I guess I'll go with the Sates since another 'hounder can vouch for them! Thanks.