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Jun 6, 2008 12:12 PM

Can I get Howard Johnson style clam strips in Vegas?

Have mourned the loss of the Howard Johnsons thrughout the country. Since I was a kid their fried clams were my favorite food. The last Howard Johnsons in lower Michigan closed a year or two ago. Took a summer trip to Maine & Massachusetts last year and found that style fried clams at several locations, many of which were discovered on the Chowhoun board.
Can they be found anywhere in Vegas?

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  1. Fix @ the Bellagio has fried Ipswich Clams on their menu. I frequent the bar there have a seabreeze and the Clams......Awesome!
    Reminds me of my summers spent on Cape Cod. They are as close to Heaven as I've found!
    Even better than HoJo's previously frozen clam strips! (though i do crave them as well)

    I also recommend the lobster tacos...

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    1. re: ciaogal

      Do they still do the deep-fried mac-n-cheese? Now those are awesome!

      1. re: azhotdish

        They do still have the fried mac and cheese......I haven't tried it....

        I look forward to my next Vegas trip!!!

      2. re: ciaogal

        Thanks so much for the Fix/Bellagio recommendation. I actually had the fried clam strips in Ipswich last summer. I believe the name of the restuarant was the Clam Box. They were wonderful.
        My only question is are they clam strips or whole clams at the Fix?

        1. re: ciaogal

          Are the clams at Fix clam strips or whole clams?

          1. re: SASSYMI2

            Fix serves the Whole clams!

            For strips you may want to check out
            Joey's Seafood ...not sure if they offer the strips in NV

            Red Robin also used to have clam strip on their menu...not sure if they do any more

        2. Also weeping the loss of Howard Johnson's tho' I suspect it's memory more than reality. I adored that clam chowder, and those funny hot dog buns-buttered bread? And the fried clams, and the ice cream........................