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Jun 6, 2008 12:01 PM

Glover Park Changes

Did anyone see the Metrocurean Blog yesterday? Several new restaurants coming to the area (or are already here) :

Breadsoda: Fourteen beers, pool, pingpong, Wii, darts AND homemade pickles? Count me in !! But where is this place?

Surfside: Rooftop patio? We need one! But a Surf-themed bar in DC serving boasting of their froz margaritas and Corona beer selection? This isn't Williamsburg / Greenpoint is it?

Gin&Tonic: My favorite combo... just add lime. Not suprisingly, I really don't feel bad seeing Grog&Tankard go.

Formerly(!) Busara: Yes. Busara is going. Replaced by a new theme from guys behind Sonoma and Mendocino. Does anyone know when this will happen and where Busara may relocating to? I love their food. Whenever anyone visits from out of town we do takeout one night and they always rave (we've been through the menu enough times to avoid some of the weird stuff).

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  1. I noticed the breadsoda the other day. It's replaced the My Bakery, next to the Vespa store and sort of underground. They've got some tables outside that were just filled with people when I passed by. It appears to be a bar with pool tables, and sells gourmet deli sandwiches...I find this combination a bit odd, but I'm certainly open to trying it.