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Do you remember vanilla popsicles?

Am I the only one who loved these when I was a kid? Do they still exist? Does anyone sell them? Where they as good as my 10 year old self remembers? Now that it is getting hot, I'm thinking about them and trying to find them!

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  1. I remember vanilla and banana pops, but they were more fudgesicle consistancy than ice pop consistancy.

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      Every time I see this post I keep thinking for an instant "oh yeah, vanilla popsicles" but then I realize that it was the banana pops that I'm thinking of. So no, I don't remember vanilla popsicles, sorry!

    2. Like vanilla pudding pops? I haven't seen them in ages, but I remember them! I vaguely think Popsicle made a vanilla popsicle (like fudgesicles, but vanilla) but they weren't as good as pudding pops. Man, if you ever find something like that, let me know!

      1. I really think they were vanilla flavored popsicles. I also remember banana and rootbeer. If anyone comes up with a company that sells them I think I'll buy a ton!

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          DaisyM...I remember them!! They were heavenly! The ones we had in Canada (BC) were actually like a "freezie"....and were white in color....very strong vanilla taste. Not made of pudding....made of frozen flavored water I suppose! deelish!

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            HannahBanana! Yes, you know what I am talking about! Do they still have them in BC? I can't find them in the US.

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              YES!! I indulge in a few every year! Deelish! I always find them at convenience stores or gas stations....very gourmet!

        2. I didn't find vanilla...but I have found banana and rootbeer! Here's the website...you just plug in your zip code and you can find out where they sell them. It is 6AM and I swear I want to run to the store and see if they taste the way I remember them.