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Do you remember vanilla popsicles?

Am I the only one who loved these when I was a kid? Do they still exist? Does anyone sell them? Where they as good as my 10 year old self remembers? Now that it is getting hot, I'm thinking about them and trying to find them!

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  1. I remember vanilla and banana pops, but they were more fudgesicle consistancy than ice pop consistancy.

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      Every time I see this post I keep thinking for an instant "oh yeah, vanilla popsicles" but then I realize that it was the banana pops that I'm thinking of. So no, I don't remember vanilla popsicles, sorry!

    2. Like vanilla pudding pops? I haven't seen them in ages, but I remember them! I vaguely think Popsicle made a vanilla popsicle (like fudgesicles, but vanilla) but they weren't as good as pudding pops. Man, if you ever find something like that, let me know!

      1. I really think they were vanilla flavored popsicles. I also remember banana and rootbeer. If anyone comes up with a company that sells them I think I'll buy a ton!

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          DaisyM...I remember them!! They were heavenly! The ones we had in Canada (BC) were actually like a "freezie"....and were white in color....very strong vanilla taste. Not made of pudding....made of frozen flavored water I suppose! deelish!

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            HannahBanana! Yes, you know what I am talking about! Do they still have them in BC? I can't find them in the US.

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              YES!! I indulge in a few every year! Deelish! I always find them at convenience stores or gas stations....very gourmet!

        2. I didn't find vanilla...but I have found banana and rootbeer! Here's the website...you just plug in your zip code and you can find out where they sell them. It is 6AM and I swear I want to run to the store and see if they taste the way I remember them.

            1. I remember vanilla popsicles. They were blue!
              I loved those, and the rootbeer and banana that I never see anywhere anymore.

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                Popsicle has a multi pack with banana, rootbeer and lime. I got them last night!

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                  Thanks, I'd stopped even looking for them. It's going to be 100 in Boston tomorrow, I think I'll go get some!

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                  I thought blue popsicles were raspberry flavored? Of course I was a child inhaling popsicles many, many years ago. :-)

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                    There were blue raspberry AND blue vanilla when I was a kid (60's/70's).
                    It depended on which brand the corner store carried. They all turned your lips and tongue blue!

                3. I remember vanilla popsicles, but I grew up in Hong Kong, so they were Chinese-style. Not pudding based at all .. nice and frosty and white and vanilla-y.


                  1. There is the entire new world of Mexican paletas to be explored if you have their grocery stores at hand. Pepino, cucumber with chile. Good stuff.

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                      Edward - I know this post is old - but I'm hoping you'll catch this -

                      Please tell me where you live - and where to find those Mexican Pops!!!
                      My mum used to have a guy in Brookly who had them - I became addicted to the wonderfuly odd taste combo of the cucumber chile!! I do believe it was the best thing I have ever eaten!
                      But the little hole in the wall store that carried them closed down a fews years ago, and we have never seen those pops again

                      Please help!!


                    2. I definitely remember them. I'd get vanilla "twin-pops" at my neighborhood pool snack bar (twin-pops have two popsicle sticks--I guess you can break the twin-pop into two pieces). They were definitely an off-white color. I loved those--my favorite popsicle flavor as a kid. And a popsicle, not at all like a fudgesicle (though those were fine, too!)

                      1. I definitely remember them. But at my age, remembering breakfast is a b*****

                        1. I was just telling my husband about these the other day. I grew up in Hawaii and a company named "Meadow Gold" made them and they were an ice-pop consistency. They were soooooooo good. I am on the hunt to find them or the recipe ... if you find them please let us know. Cheers!

                          1. I remember vanilla and vanilla + chocolate popsicles. The v + c were one half white and the other brown. They only came in a mixed box and there were everyone's least favourites because the vanilla was very strong. Everybody fought over the orange/pink combo and the blue/green combo. But my sister loved (and still loves) vanilla, so we would split the choc/vanilla ones all the time.

                            But my real favourite was root beer. I'd love a root beer popsicle right now!!

                            1. First off, I know EXACTLY what you're talking about. I JUST joined this site so I could reply to this thread. I've been trying to locate these pops for almost 3 years now on my own. My beard is immense and gamey in odor. (I didn't shave during my search for dramatic effect) If you or anyone figures out where we can find these twin pops PLEASE contact me on this site and tell myself and DaisyM.

                              They are NOT pudding pops. Don't call your friend Bill Cosby, he doesn't have them.

                              They are NOT a new product. People, they're from our "childhood" ... they're old.

                              They are frozen flavored ice pops, they come with two flat traditional popsicle sticks and the pops themselves are square in shape but they are stuck together by the "edge" of the square so they would appear diamond in shape from head on. ...and yes, you most definitely would separate them when eating them. I don't know about YOU folks, but at MY pool we had a name for the kids who ate their twin pops without separating them. I'm not quite sure what that name was because I could never quite hear the whole thing while they were dunking me repeatedly by the back of the head... but I can assure you, it's not something you would want to be referred to as.

                              The two most popular flavors of THIS brand of twin pop were the vanilla and the root beer.

                              Both were amazing but the vanilla, which appeared white to slightly off-white in color... they were AMAZING.

                              Is that a popsicle in my pants? No... it's me... thinking about eating one of those delicious vanilla twin pops again.

                              Let's make it happen people.

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                                Did you ever find them???

                                1. re: Tonster

                                  You are right on! These weren't fudge, they weren't anything like a pudding pop, they were all ice pops. I remember these. I've thought about them for years. I've looked for them all over Central PA. It must be at least 25 years since I've had one. I've never met anyone who has had one that didn't love and remember them. So I've gotta ask, why did they stop selling them. Who made them and where are they now.

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                                    Yes yes yes!! I think I was around that pool and vanilla popsicles were heaven but oh so brief the early '60's.....

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                                      I remember the twin pops (capitalized?) from when I was a kid. But I had the fruit kind. And yes, they were 2 diamonds stuck together edge-to-edge, and held by 2 popsicle sticks. But I don't remember the full vanilla kind. And yes, I always broke them apart.

                                      But as a side bar, I actually loved the Creamsicles (vanilla and orange combo, single stick) as a kid. I was told they are still on the market. I found a place that has vanilla and orange swirl soft serve ice cream. It's now a regular stop for me. Sorry, I might put this in a different thread.

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                                        they were awesome i lived in hazleton pa. when i had them 46 yrs ago

                                      2. I remember vanilla popsicles..only they were vanilla jell-o "pudd'n pops"...schilled by Bill Cosby.

                                        1. I loved vanilla popsicles............in fact, what I remember is that they were actually twinsicles. They were white in color and had a strong vanilla flavor. I have been looking for those vanilla twinsicles for over a year now and am craving them terribly these days. I can't believe I actually found a blog about them! :)

                                          Now......................I want..........no, I need to find out where I can get them......please!

                                          1. Kind of off topic, but a cute story along the same lines. When I was a kid the BIG thrill was drumsticks. You likely remember them but for those who don't they were like ice cream cones in a waffle cone with nuts on top. They were not available for many years. One day I was looking in the freezer of the corner store and guess what I found!! Bought 4. One for each of my kids and the wife and I. I told the kids to watch mommy's face when she opened the bag....OH..DRUMSTICKS!!!...hee hee ...good memories.

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                                              The best ones had a chocolate candy "plug" filling at least the last inch of the cone, to keep the ice cream from leaking out.

                                            2. Vanilla ice popsickels. I found them. On my last trip to Maui I was a local supermarket called Star Market and found them. I was thrilled since I haven't seen them in over 30 years. I saved the label of the carton so I could contact them when I returned home to the mainland. The company is Meadow Gold Dairies located in Dallas, Tx.

                                              1. I remember vanilla popsicles, they were the best, and I miss them most when I'm sick. They were twin pops and made by the Hershey Ice Cream Company. Unfortunately they don't make them anymore. They also made/make root beer twin pops and a single stick banana pop too.

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                                                  www.hersheyicecream.com your vanilla popsicles are still availa\ble go under products then novelties, sticks. they look different but probably still the same. how to find them i dont know.

                                                2. I had two types as a kid... Jello Pudding Pops which I really liked... they didn't taste quite vanilla like... but more of a frozen custard... I remember they were EXPENSIVE for our families pocketbook... but my dad would still shell out the $4 per box of scrawny little popsicles because I like them that much.

                                                  The other type I had where Mexican style.. a different kind of splurge... the going rate for Milk based paletas was $0.60 whearas the water based paletas were $0.50 each. These were more of the white with strongish, floral vanilla flavor. Now that I think about it.. I probably consumed lots of Coumarin as a kid.... one of the side effects must be incredible taste buds & analytic abilities =) Anyway... these were good as well.... and still very common throughout Mexico & Mexican communities stateside.... of course... they played 2nd fiddle to other paleta flavors like Rompope, Cajeta & Guayaba.

                                                  1. I've been searching for Vanilla Twin Pops for years without any luck. Loved these. They were not pudding at all. They were white ice and all vanilla! I grew up in the 60s and 70s and we would find these at our local 7-11s. I remember digging in the bin looking for the vanilla! I even tried to make these at home with vanilla soda. Not the same. :(

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                                                      This is so crazy cause I posted this a year ago. My husband and I just went on the first bike ride of the season. (Luckily I idid not crack my head open). On the way home I started waxing poetic about vanilla popsicles. We stopped for Italian ice and I ordered vanilla, hoping that somehow it would taste the same as the popsicles...no go. I can tell you that at least here in Philadelphia Popsicle Brand makes a box of rootbeer, lime, and banana popsicles. The rootbeer are still very good. I wish someone would convince them to make those vanilla again. Also, if I could just get one more scoop of Howard Johnson's pepermint stick ice cream and an order of fried clams I'd be one happy girl!

                                                      1. re: DaisyM

                                                        We aren't the only ones with fond memories of vanilla popsicles....http://www.bobparsons.me/index.php?/a...

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                                                          DaisyM, I don't remember the vanilla and rootbeer popsicles that your all talking about, just the red white and blue ones but they all sound good. I personally use to love the chocolate fudgicles when the ice cream man came around. You got me though, when you said "if I could just get one more scoop of Howard Johnson's peppermint stick ice cream" Boy, I haven't thought about that forever. What happy memories your bringing back for me. I remember the Howard Johnsons on the Wildwood boardwalk and waiting in line for a cone in their walk up window before going home. It was on the same block where my parents had their parking spot for the summer so I got to go pretty often and that peppermint stick ice cream was one of my favorites along with the chocolate almond. Wow..what I wouldn't give for a cone like that now. I'm with you on that one! Thanks for putting a smile on my face this 4th and heres to making more happy memories this summer. Hope you have a great 4th too!

                                                          1. re: chocolate


                                                            Happy 4th to you and everyone else. It makes me feel good to have these shared memories. I don't know if it was the time in our lives or if it really was the food. But boy do I remember that peppermint stick ice cream and fried clams. And even though I've eaten gelato in Italy and fried clams in Maine...nothing comes close in taste to eating at Howard Johnson's when I was so young and all was right in my little world.

                                                      2. DaisyM, I'm so glad you wrote on this topic. I have been looking for someone who loves them as much as I do. I grew up in Philly in the early 60's and a Jack and Jill truck sold them for 7 cents. I LOVED THEM and couldn't wait for the truck to come by. Do you know if they can be purchased somewhere or do you have a recipe for them that's as good as we know they were!!! Hope to hear from you.

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                                                        1. re: ballysmom52

                                                          It is so cool that I'm not alone in having this memory! I live in Philly and have not found them yet.

                                                          1. re: DaisyM

                                                            I haven't looked for these in a while, but I do notice the boxes in the supermarket, and in Toronto at least, they don't even have chocolate any more - just fruit flavours. It seems if people want chocolate, they want to buy fudgesicles or Haagen-Daz bars (which are an incredible rip-off, if you ask me).

                                                            We had Pop-sicle brand up here as well, and I remember my friends and I hanging out at the local plaza and waiting for other kids to discard their wrappers so we could scoop them up and cut out the little coupons on back, which we would hoard for such childhood essentials as X-Ray Specs.

                                                            And definitely, you split them in two. The trick was to find something sharp/stiff enough that you could split the popsicle without breaking the wrapper (thus getting dirt all over it). And since you could never eat the second half before it melted, you always buy one to split with your friend. This led to many learned debates on the merits of various flavours. Grape, as I recall, was tasty but my mother hated me having one, as it invariably dripped on my shirt, and the stain was nigh impossible to remove. Chocolate and vanilla were always popular, but orange and lemon held their own. They had cherry, but I don't remember seeing anyone have one. I remember one summer they came out with a blue one, which was "watermelon" flavour. I liked them, but then I turned 14 and popsicles were kid stuff. Sophisticated teens, such as myself, had to turn to Good Humor chocolate eclairs or strawberry shortcakes, or of course, the Creamsicle.

                                                            And someone mentioned Drumsticks - they've always been available in Toronto. In fact, in the last few years, they've added variations like chocolate ice cream or chocolate-vanilla swirls. My bulging waistline prevents me from enjoying them too often, but I still like them.

                                                            1. re: DaisyM

                                                              Vanilla was the best popsicle flavor ever. I don't understand why they stopped making them.

                                                              I just tried a recipe that came pretty close. All I used was water and vanilla syrup (the kind they put in lattes). I don't know the exact amounts I used, but it tasted pretty close to what I remember. It was the right color too.

                                                          2. MY 10-yr old self craves the Good Humor bar that was a single stick, the size and shape of a chocolate-covered ice cream bar, but was peach ice cream covered with what to my childhood palate was a very fresh and authentic-tasting raspberry sherbet. I wonder if I'm correct - it was darker red than typical, artificially-flavored supermarket raspberry sherbet - closer to today's raspberry sorbet. I suppose it was their take on peach melba but I don't know what they were called. I haven't seen that combination in many decades.

                                                            1. i remember them well and always bemoan that they no longer exists. They sold them at my middle school in 1979-1980 something like that. They were like grape ones, you could break them in two and they had vanilla...they were very white and sooo tasty!

                                                              1. I've been hunting for them for years! Not vanilla ice-cream flavored, no milk, just vanilla. Like others here have said, white to off-white/yellowish in color. Strong Vanilla flavor. Twin pops with two sticks.

                                                                Hershey made them, so did Jack & Jill.
                                                                I see that link for Hershey has a "vanilla ice pop". It looks like the old vanilla twin pop, but singular, with one stick.
                                                                It is the flavor I crave. But I was fond of breaking them in half, eating one down to the stick, and then using that bare stick to rub on the remaining half of the twin pop for an Italian ice effect.
                                                                I'm fortunate to live only a few blocks away from the Hershey Ice Cream factory. I'll head there Monday and report on my findings.

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                                                                  The Hershey Ice Cream Factory??? OMG, I'd be 500 lbs if I lived near there! Report back and tell us if it is the same.

                                                                2. I recently contacted Hershy Ice Cream and confirmed they are making a vanilla popsicle. Unfortuneatley they only distribute their products on a regional basis - http://www.hersheyicecream.com/comple...
                                                                  The furthest West is Chicago.

                                                                  1. RECIPE ALERT....Love,love,love Vanilla Popsicles and I also have not been able to find them. Good news I figured out a quick and easy way to replicate it all you need is a bottle of Vanilla Syrup, Water, and Popsicle molds. I used 8 tablespoons of syrup to 2 cups of water, add more/less syrup for your taste, freeze for about 4 hours and enjoy.

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                                                                    1. re: lilikoi8

                                                                      Several years ago, a friend of mine said about how they loved vanilla twinpops. So when I said I had never had one, we went on a search and found some at a corner grocery store in Reading, PA (the store was in downtown Reading, not one of the suburbs whose mailing address is Reading, PA 19***). The ones which were in this little store were made by Hershey Ice Cream.

                                                                      I know I went back to that same store many times to buy them again. Why I stopped I'm not sure.

                                                                      But last year my mother-in-law bought a pool membership at Maple Springs Pool in Birdsboro for our family and to my delight the snack bar had vanilla twin pops along with Cherry, Orange, Grape, Blue Rasberry, and Root Beer. I would buy however many they had left of the vanilla and root beer each day last summer before the snackbar closed or I left, whichever came first.

                                                                      We continued our membership at the pool this summer and the fiirst day which I went i stopped by the snack bar to see if they still carried them. They do, but I cannot get to the pool as often as I did last year and it got expensive buying them there indivdually. I decided to look on the internet to see if I could find out where I could buy them. I'd likely cut my costs in half buying a whole box instead of the individual pops. I don't know why I can't remember who makes the twinpops which I get at the pool. I'll have to get there over the weekend. Once I can get the manufacturer information off the wrapper, I will let everyone know.

                                                                    2. I used to buy ones which were made by Hershey Ice Cream a side company of Hershey Chocolates. But in the past 2 years, I have been able to get them at the snack bar at my pool. I can't remember who manufactures the ones which I buy at my pool. I will have to go there this weekend, then I can get the manufacturer's name and such from the packaging. I'll let you know as soon as I find out.

                                                                      You can buy bags of 18 banana twin pops at the Super Wal-marts. They have a bag which is various flavors and then one which is all banana. They are less then $2.00 for the bag of 18 (I'm in Reading, PA. It's about an hour or so from Philadelphia.), but they are very good. I just ate an entire bag in about 20 hours yesterday. The vanilla ones are the best flavor of all though.

                                                                      When I was a kid, my father worked for a company called Bob White's which sold food in bulk. I came to find out later when I began buying the vanilla twinpops at the corner store, that Bob White's had sold a box of twinpops which were all vanilla flavored. They also sold indivdual flavors root beer, cherry, and orange in bulk packages. There were about 20 or 30 popsicles in a box. I remember the boxes were a thin cardboard material with basically nothing printed on them.

                                                                      Another frozen treat which the company sold was cho-chos. They were a chocolate flavored ice cream pop, but what was different about them was each pop was basically a small dixie cup (similar to the large bathroom cups dixie used to have available for in your bathroom) which had been filled with the ice cream when it was soft, then a wooden popsicles stick was inserted and they were then frozen. Cho-chos would be in bags with 25 or more pops per bags. One of the grocery stores in my area used to carry them along time ago. I'd have to say it's been 15 years since I had one last, I would love to find out where to buy them as well. If anyone knows, please tell me.

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                                                                      1. re: jlsmith5482

                                                                        That is awesome news JL!
                                                                        I literally jumped off of the couch last night when I read that you know of a place where vanilla twin pops are still sold. I will make my way to the swimming pool in Birdsboro the next chance I get.

                                                                        I never updated my post, but I did actually stop by the Hershey Ice Cream factory. I rang the bell and they had me come upstairs. Sadly they no longer make the vanilla twin pops, but they say that they still get inquiries about them. They were kind enough to give me a complimentary gift certificate for a free pint of icecream.

                                                                        Best of luck finding the manufactorer JL. My uncle used to buy boxes of vanilla and root beer twin pops exactly as you describe them, plain, thin, brown cardboard boxes with 2 dozen Popsicle in each one.

                                                                        1. re: tiredeyes

                                                                          I couldn't wait, I just called Maple Springs Pools. The girl who answered didn't know where the pool got the popsicles, but she said they were called Nelson's Twinpops. I tried looking up Nelsons on the internet, but I haven't had any luck so far, maybe JL will be able to glean more information in person!


                                                                          found the manufacturer

                                                                          Now I'll have to call them during business hours!

                                                                      2. Mayfield has recently started selling "Snow Creme Stix" which taste a lot like those old vanilla popsicles we all remember. Unfortuneately they seem only to distribute in the SouthEast. Here's a link http://www.trauthdairy.com/02_nov_sno...

                                                                        1. I live in Lebanon Pennsylvania, There is a small corner store that butchers meat there called Morrisey's Meats they have vanilla popscicles there and and I of course asked for a whole case and they charged me $12 for them. They are made by Hershey's Ice Cream. They are twinpop shaped with only one stick. I checked Hershey's website and they are not on the site. I asked the clerk at Morrisey's and they told me they are not even on their list of items to purchase but the rep gets them anyways. They are not listed on the stores buy sheet because they are not a high demand item?? I suggest to you if you know a store that purchases this brand of individual sale frozen items, to request this product. Or drive to Lebanon Pennsylvania if you have to. I put a picture of it on my facebook page if you can find me.

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                                                                          1. re: chrisboehler

                                                                            thank you chris! i've been looking for these for years!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am getting these from this store in lebanon today! they are now $15 for a case.

                                                                          2. I remember them quite well. Definitely my favorite when the ice cream truck came around the neighborhood. I found PopSicle's website. They have a store locater where you can put your zip code in and search from 5-50 miles of your location. The new ones are called Banana Mania. The closest place to me is about 40 miles away and I haven't had a chance to try them yet. But, I'll figure out a way to get ahold of some.
                                                                            A warm summer afternnon with a Banana PopSicle was definitely a great treat. Hope you can find one close and it is as good as you remember.

                                                                            1. What happened to my favorite...the rootbeer popsicle? Can't find them anywhere!!!

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                                                                              1. re: HillJ

                                                                                I just experimented with Jello - sugar free for those of us who don't want all that corn syrup, etc. I took one package of Strawberry SF gelatin, mixed it with 1 cup boiling water as the box states, but in place of the cold water, I pureed one cup of strawberries/pineapples that I had chopped and frozen and put that in there and poured into my pop molds. It is coming our delicious and not hard like some popsicles do. You can experiment with the amt of gelatin you want or use PLAIN gelatin. For ROOT BEER pops, I would use one about 1/2 cup of boiling root beer to dissolve the plain gelatin ( about 1 TBS) and then add about a can of either regular or Sugar Free and put in molds and freeze. I'll bet it would be delicious.

                                                                                1. re: happygoluckyinoregon

                                                                                  I wonder if the pineapples you used adversely affected the setting of the gelatin. Apparently it can cause the gelatin not to set.

                                                                              2. To HillJ:

                                                                                I only found Root Beer ones in a pack with Banana & Lemon-Lime. Go to popsicle.com then click on either products or where to buy tabs. Scroll down until you see Root Beer under Popsicle options, then enter your zipcode and click on link that displays mileage option (up to 50 miles from your location). Good luck, Jim

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                                                                                1. re: KSDadGuy

                                                                                  Hey KSD, I appreciate it. Unfortunately, I'm not able to find a location near me using their search. I keep making my own but it's NOT the same! I'll just keep on hoping!

                                                                                  1. re: HillJ

                                                                                    I live in Wichita, KS and the nearest place is about 40 miles away in El Dorado in of all places - WalMart. Supposedly, you can order using Site-to-Store. I guessing they are packed in dry ice to preserve them in shipment. About all they do is charge sales tax on the order. I don't know if you have a WalMart close by, but I think Sam's Club kind of offers a similar process. Hope this helps. Jim

                                                                                    1. re: KSDadGuy

                                                                                      The closest location to me was a Wegman's food market about 40 mins away...I'd have to pack the cooler with ice and load up for the trip to be worth it...hmmmmmm, something to ponder!

                                                                                2. To all you Babyboomers who know the taste of a Twin Pop BANANA POPSICLE from the 50's and 60's and can't find that remarkable taste anywhere; I would like to offer you a recipe to duplicate the unforgettable wonderful icy treat in you own home. I couldn't find the recipe so I made my own. I believe it is as close as anything you can find. I am talking about the Twin Popsicle that had 2 flat sticks and our moms often broke our hearts when she broke it in half to make us share our beloved treat with someone else. This is not a pudding pop or any of the other things I have read about from the younger generation on this web site. This is the icy treat we enjoyed years ago. If you would like a copy of my recipe send a request to my email. My email address is teanajo@ymail.com.

                                                                                  1. Can you tell me where to go to find a site to direct me to Vanilla Popsicles? I live near Philadelphia, PA (Western suburbs) and would LOVE to find a store that sells Vanilla Popsicles. PLEASE HELP!!!! I am "craving" them now LOL
                                                                                    Thanks, Marlene

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                                                                                    1. re: mpc333

                                                                                      Nelson's Ice Cream makes them still. The ones Hershey makes with the single stick are not true Vanilla popsicles, they are made with Splenda (yuck)

                                                                                      I got mine from Russo's. They are the real deal, in the thin cardboard box- total old school. But you should be able to special order them from anyone that Nelson's does business with.


                                                                                    2. Hi folks

                                                                                      So I was trying to use my Google fingers to help everyone locate vanilla twin-pops to no avail.

                                                                                      So I tried Bing! haha! Here is what I found. However, I can't find anywhere on the mainland that distributes them. So you'll have to fly yourself to Hawaii.


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                                                                                      1. re: seamunky

                                                                                        nice, those look legit!

                                                                                        But, you can get Vanilla twin pops in the Philly area too

                                                                                        1. re: seamunky

                                                                                          I'll join you on the trip LOL!!!! Marlene

                                                                                        2. Does anyone know where to buy Vanilla Twin Pops in Ocean City, NJ?

                                                                                          1. i always want a vanilla popsicle wished i could make them my self i got one when i was a kid and it had a rusty wire on it mom saide i couldn't have it any more then they quite making them they sure were good if any one has a receipe let me know the ones i had were white. They didn't taste like pudding more like popscicle.i got them in the late 60's

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                                                                                            1. re: KKISTHARDT

                                                                                              RECIPE FOR VANILLA ICE POPS: a quick and easy way to replicate it all you need is a bottle of Vanilla Syrup, Water, and Popsicle molds. I used 8 tablespoons of syrup to 2 cups of water, add more/less syrup for your taste, freeze for about 4 hours and enjoy.
                                                                                              I hope this helps you. I actually found a place near me in Norristown, PA that sells Nelson's Vanilla Twin Pops, but at least now you have a recipe! Try googling Nelson's Vanilla Twin Pops and see if they are sold anywhere is your area. OR, write to Nelson's and see if the distribute them near you.

                                                                                            2. The brand that last made them was Puirty. You may email them at whypurity@puritydairies.com

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                                                                                              1. re: gardnerqd

                                                                                                I did check their website but they don't carry the vanilla. They do have banana, grape, strawberry, lime, fudge, and lemon. Thank you though.