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Jun 6, 2008 11:56 AM

Guadalajara Help

Ok, looking for a nice restaurant in the Guadalajara area. Atmosphere and Good food are equally important.

Cocina 88 is out as is El Sacromonte. (This is for a business dinner and my boss doesn't want to go to either of these 2 places)

Any other suggestions???

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  1. I've heard that food at Nude is decent enough, with a very nice atmosphere... hopefully Cristina can validate whether the food is acceptable or not:

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    1. re: Eat_Nopal

      I wouldn't bother with Nude. It's another one of those see-and-be-seen restaurants.

      How about La O, near the corner of José Guadalupe Zuno and Unión? The food is excellent, the atmosphere (if you sit on the terrace) lovely, and it's a great value.

      Another option is Ma Come No, on Av. Américas and Angulo. It's out of this world!

      And one I haven't tried but have heard good things about is Polibio, near the corner of Av. México and Homero.

      Oh--and how about La Matera, on Ave México at...well, I forget what, but not far from Unión. If your boss likes big hunks of Argentine beef, extremely well prepared, it might be just the place.