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Fit for Life coming to the Danforth

I noticed a sign a week or so ago. North side at Carlaw, I believe. Anyone familar with it?

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  1. I don't know if it's part of the same chain, but there are Fit for Life's in Commerce Court and BCE. They are a good option for a quick, healthy lunch in a food court - falafel, vegetarian supreme, chicken kabob in a pita, type of sandwich.

    1. Mediocre food court fare. Yes, you can eat healthy, but by the end of it you may want to kill yourself.

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        lol, I agree it's mediocre and I doubt I would go out of my way for it on the Danforth, but I've never wanted to kill myself after eating a Vegetarian Supreme pita.

        Re the lentil soup that Millygirl mentions below, I've heard it's pretty good too, but I've never tried it.

        Basically, it's all good food court fair, when you want something simple and fairly healthy (I mean not THAT healthy, because the falafel is fried and the chicken kabobs sit in oil) and I add lots of hot sauce and I like the tabbouli salad that comes with most sandwiches.
        While I'm eating it, I don't even think of comparing it to good middle eastern food I can get at Sababa, Me Va Meh or Tov Li (the original at Bathurst and Steeles, not the one near Wilson).

      2. Agree with pescatarian, good for the food court, I am always happy when I see one. But not sure the quality and freshness of their kebabs can stand up to the Danforth. I mean I realise they're not Greek, but they're not really authentic or great Middle Eastern either.

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          Apparently they are known for their lentil soup....

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            I've always found the lentil soup too salty and leaves an aftertaste - it may just be the one I go to

            It's just ok for falafel

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            The one at Cumberland Terrace is now offering tandoori chicken as well.

          3. I have only two words to offer about this new arrival: big deal.

            1. Any chance it was a JUICE for life instead? That would be more exciting!

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                Unfortunately not. I'm pretty sure it said Fit for Life. In fact at first I thought it was another gym opening up. Speaking of juice, has anybody tried that little juice place on the side street across from Carrot Common, just up from Second Cup. Any good?

                Geez, too bad about Fit for Life. We need something new and exciting on the Danforth. I'm not sure what, but something. A Yogen Fruz would be nice, especially today. Actually I haven't had one of them in years but I've been thinking about them lately.

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                  The little juice place is a bit cramped and dingy, but the juice is good.

              2. I think Fit for Life was the name of my 8th grade Health class text book.

                I've had lunch at the one in Cumberland Terrace- nothing special about it at all. Nothing to get excited about, but if you have to eat in a food court and want something sorta healthy, it's an option.

                1. Googs's response just gave me my first great laugh of the day. It's very mediocre, even by food court standards, and actually doesn't have a great variety of truly mideastern options. When I was working in the financial district, I was very happy with the arrival of Medina to satisfy my mideastern cravings: better quality, better selection.

                  1. I figure this location will last 6 months, tops. There are far better healthy, independent alternatives to this franchise in the neighborhood.

                    1. I was at Fit for Life a couple of weeks ago and had a pretty bad allergic reaction. Does any one know what is in the California Grill beside grilled eggplant and zucchini?
                      I'm going to see an allergist so it would help if I knew all the ingredients. I e-mailed the company but they didn't reply.

                      1. The signs for this one look like they're gone. Result of the economic downturn?

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                        1. re: Sinfulia

                          They were just fit for a few months, not life.

                          1. re: abigllama

                            I noticed that also. Perhaps they did their homework and read some of the less than glowing comments about FFL and thought better of it. At least I hope so.

                            To mairebear, that's says a lot in itself. The fact that you had an allergic reaction and they didn't even bother to return your call.

                        2. They likely leased the store and then couldn't find a franchisee willing to spend a fortune for that location. The same thing happened to the "KC smokehouse" that was supposedly opening at Danforth and Ferrier. It turned out that Mr Greek owned the place and couldn't sell anyone a franchise.

                          I wonder how the new Kernels popcorn franchise will survive the rent at Danforth & Logan?

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                            That's funny...Mr. Greek has been trying to peddle that KC Smokehouse concept for a few years now to no success. I think the latest carnation is a burger joint with the same name. First, I think they should try to restore the damage they've done to the entire Greek cuisine, before they try mangling another cuisine....

                            1. re: Raquel

                              Instead of opening another Greek place at that location, they should have opened a restaurant that served Turkish cuisine. That may have had a chance of becoming a franchise.

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                                Yes, I'm sure that would go over real well on The Danforth....

                          2. does anyone know which fit for life(s) have salad bars like the yonge/eg one? thanks!