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Jun 6, 2008 11:03 AM

Rockport, MA - Father's Day Dinner

My family will be in Rockport, MA for the week of Father's Day and I'm looking for a good place for dinner Sunday. Our party likely will be 7-9 people (youngest is a high school junior). In the past we've usually gone to either the Blacksmith Shop or the Greenery. I'm wondering what people think of these two options now and if there might be a better one in Rockport (My Place by the Sea, something else?). Thanks for the help.

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  1. Been to My Place many times over the years, very nice location, casual, reasonably priced for the quality of the food and excellent food. The menu is small but food prep and culinary creativity is also excellent, nice bread basket as well. Wine list is passable. I've seen families with all ages there.

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    1. re: treb

      Try the Emerson Inn. I'll bet they are having something special for Father's Day. We've always liked going there with the family.

      1. re: greenstate

        Thanks for those comment.s Anyone have any thoughts on the Greenery or Blacksmith Shop?

        1. re: stroshow3

          Are you looking for casual or something a bit nicer? If casual, I like to bring some nice wine and eat at the Lobster Pool out by Halibut Point. The view outside at the picnic tables is lovely, especiallly at sunset.

          1. re: three of us

            The Blacksmith Shop is long gone. I've enjoyed all meals that I've eaten at My Place by the Sea, and the view is certainly spectacular!

            1. re: cheferella

              Thanks again for the comments. Maybe we'll finally try My Place by the Sea. We know about the Lobster Pool and will eat there a couple times over the course of the week but it's not what we're looking for for Father's Day. Thanks, though.

              1. re: stroshow3

                I believe that they Blackmith Shop has reopened or is opening soon:
                We're excited to try it.
                We haven't been back to the Greenery since this fall when three times in row (weekend days) they were out of everything we tried to order (turkey, broccoli, spinach, crab cakes, etc.) so I can't be helpful there.
                We were not impressed with My Place after they started serving their own wine....
                The last time we had company, we took them to the Azorean. Everyone really enjoyed the food and the space. They take reservations and there is parking. I would say that it is family/group friendly and a nice change.

                1. re: eriberri

                  Interesting comment about My Place, what does serving wine have to do with their entree's? I have not seen any difference in the quality of their food. I must admit the wine list needs work.

                  1. re: treb

                    I wasn't clear, what I meant was while the view is spectacular, the food is only ok and since we have to pay their prices for a very limited wine list, rather than BYOB, we don't bother. We don't particularly care for the food, esp give how expensive it is, and several of our friends and neighbors, local and non-local agree.