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Jun 6, 2008 10:54 AM

Coloured Bread in Toronto


I'm looking to make fancy rolled sandwiches for a picnic, but do not know of anywhere in Toronto that sells or would do an order for coloured bread. Any ideas, preferably on one that will also cut it Pullman-style for me?

Anywhere in Toronto, though preferably closer to East York or near a subway would be great!


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  1. I am not aware of very vibrant colour breads but if you want something a little more subtle, T&T carries pullman loaves made with sweet potato (orange hue), soy flecked with black sesame (milky white with black dots), egg (golden), sometimes green tea (pale dark green), and whole wheat or multigrain (brown).

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    1. re: ComeUndone

      That sounds very interesting, and an excuse to go to T&T!

    2. Hell, you starting trouble (cue mods)? Colored bread? You mean kimmel, pumpernickel, focaccia, whole wheat, multi-grain, coarse rye, et cetera? Or are you looking for some oh so delicious dyes?

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        Unfortunately, I'm looking for dyes, though, preferably natural ones. I've gotten some great tips, I'm sorry if this wasn't clear enough. Rolled sandwiches are usually just done with standard white loaves dyed different colours, ryes, pumpernickel etc are too difficult to work with.

      2. I've seen a red-coloured beet bread at the farmer's market at the Brickworks (saturday mornings).

        1. My mother always made party sandwiches with dyed pink, blue, purple, sliced bread. I believe she just orders it from the bakery at Loblaws. I would try the Supercentre at Don Mills and Eglinton or Sobey's on Broadview.
          If you can get to Open Window at Eglinton and Bathurst, I bet they would do it too (but call ahead of course to check).

          When you say cut it "Pullman-style", I guess you mean vertically, so that you can cut off the edges and roll easily. They will do this for you too.

          1. there are farmers markets that have them. on tuesday, riverdale market in riverdale park, thursday, dufferin grove has a market, and saturday brickworks has a market. check out those places for bread that is coloured with beet juice. some is yellowish because of turmeric i believe. i may have seen an orangey one. they're naturally coloured so you don't get the negatives on your health of food colouring.

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            1. re: pinkskittles

              Sounds perfect. Coloured, no chemical dyes and interesting flavours.

              1. re: sevenblades

                glad i could help. i prefer the brickworks market myself. dufferin and riverdale tied for second. i don't buy the bread, but my 'ranking' is in case you wanted to pick up other things while you were there.