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Best moules frites in SF

Ok hounds, please help a recently-transplanted-from-the-East-Coast pregnant lady satisfy her craving for moules frites. I prefer classic sauces (marinieres, etc.) but at this point I would probably eat any sauce as long as the mussels were fresh and the frites crispy.

My fetus and I (and my husband!!) thank you in advance.

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  1. Plouf is your best bet. Downtown, in Belden Alley, between Bush/Pine.

    1. Second the rec for Plouf, but also recommend La Trappe, in North Beach.


      1. Also recommend Couleur Cafe. While they went through a rough patch a few months ago, the consistency and quality is now back on track (new chef). Had a delicious variation on the classic last night: the moules nicoise, cooked in a wine broth with lots of garlic, basil and sherry vinegar. I also really like the moules Potrero, with a maniere type broth flavored with tarragon and a bit of fresh tomato. The frites at Couleur are always among the best.

        1. Plouf is the traditional recommendation for moules frites. My other go-to location - which in my experience has been more consistent - is Fringale. They have been on the menu for seventeen years, and they are always good.

          Fringale Restaurant
          570 4th Street, San Francisco, CA 94107

          1. I can't vouch for them b/c I don't eat them, but my aunt loved the moules frites at Baker Street Bistro. I can vouch for the fries - they are fantastic!

            Baker Street Bistro
            2953 Baker St, San Francisco, CA 94123

            1. We love the mussels at Jeanty's in Yountville, so perhaps Jeanty at Jack's???

              1. The moules frites at Chapeau! are excellent, and available as either an appetizer or main dish. (Done as marinieres every time I've had them there.)

                1. I agree, Plouf is where I go when I crave mussels. They have several preparations to choose from, including the classics. Their fries are good but I like those at Baker Street Bistro better. While the mussels at Baker Street are excellent, there are too few of them with an order.

                  1. The problem with Plouf is the sauces are wimpy. The mussels themselves are only average. As just about every restaurant has mussels, I would consider simply going to your favorite high end restaurant - like Slanted Door, for example, even though I haven't had their mussels.

                    My personal favorite has been 3 seasons in Palo Alto, but they stopped serving that dish. The sauce had lots of coconut and galanga. Yum. But. No more.

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                      I agree with bbulkow on Plouf. Also, very tough to get a table even if you have a reservation (insanely crowded), extremely deafening noise level, and very uncomfortable seating.

                    2. We ended up going to Couleur Cafe last night. The mussels were fresh and abundant (neither of us finished ours) and the frites were tasty, though oddly mostly broken into hard-to-eat tiny pieces. I had the Couleur sauce and the husband had the Catalan; the Couleurs were almost too rich and the bacon bits seemed like they had been blanched but not rendered. Still, with the Moules being part of the Dine About Town prix fixe we got out of there for under $80 with beverages and dessert.

                      Thanks for the tip!

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                        I don't know if they are always on the menu but I have had good ones at South Park Cafe.