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Jun 6, 2008 10:48 AM

Best moules frites in SF

Ok hounds, please help a recently-transplanted-from-the-East-Coast pregnant lady satisfy her craving for moules frites. I prefer classic sauces (marinieres, etc.) but at this point I would probably eat any sauce as long as the mussels were fresh and the frites crispy.

My fetus and I (and my husband!!) thank you in advance.

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  1. Plouf is your best bet. Downtown, in Belden Alley, between Bush/Pine.

    1. Second the rec for Plouf, but also recommend La Trappe, in North Beach.

      1. Also recommend Couleur Cafe. While they went through a rough patch a few months ago, the consistency and quality is now back on track (new chef). Had a delicious variation on the classic last night: the moules nicoise, cooked in a wine broth with lots of garlic, basil and sherry vinegar. I also really like the moules Potrero, with a maniere type broth flavored with tarragon and a bit of fresh tomato. The frites at Couleur are always among the best.

        1. Plouf is the traditional recommendation for moules frites. My other go-to location - which in my experience has been more consistent - is Fringale. They have been on the menu for seventeen years, and they are always good.

          Fringale Restaurant
          570 4th Street, San Francisco, CA 94107

          1. I can't vouch for them b/c I don't eat them, but my aunt loved the moules frites at Baker Street Bistro. I can vouch for the fries - they are fantastic!

            Baker Street Bistro
            2953 Baker St, San Francisco, CA 94123