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Jun 6, 2008 10:34 AM

Tabe: new SF ramen option

Apparently, within Caffeine at Geary & Larkin, someone is serving ramen. The details are a little murky, but their Yelp page gives their hours as Fri-Sat, 6 pm - 1 am. Website is . I can't tell from the descriptions whether it's a counter, a storefront, or a mobile unit.

Anyone have more details about them or -- even better -- reports on how their ramen is? The Yelp reviews are glowing, for whatever that's worth.

835 Geary

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  1. So from I understand, they will be a mobile truck in the future as soon as they secure their truck. In the meantime, they are having the ramne available at the cafe listed at 835 Geary on Fri and Sat nights.
    The bowl I tasted on Sat night was pretty darn good. The noodles were fantastic - good bite, didn't get soggy, yellowish in colour, and quite wavy. The broth was shoyu with more chicken flavour. Rather light and different style compared to Santa and Himawari. Much more in the Tokyo vein. The toppings came with a nicely buttery pieces of chasu, nori, a sliced half of soy egg (delicious!), spinach, and bamboo shoots.
    I haven't tried katana-ya, but this bowl certainly ranked higher than Suzu, Oyagi, Tanpopo for me.
    They are still working on perfecting their broth as apparently this bowl I had was greatly improved over the last version my friends had the week before.

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        The movie, not the restaurant, I assume you mean.

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          As usual, you are correct. Which came first? The movie was in 1985.

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        FYI, Tabe Ramen is closed Friday, June 13th due to a private party at Caffeine.

        Open again on Saturday June 14th, and always looking for more places to serve...

      3. I went this weekend. I especially liked the chashu, rich and meaty; I also thought the noodles, though not that tasty, were good because they were somewhat thick, curly, and not too soft. I liked the broth though am used to the milkier tonkotsu style at Ramen Halu and at my favorite ramen-ya in Japan. Chashu was a bit too salty (too much soy in the marinade?) and broth was undersalted to my taste, yet still flavorful.

        In all, it was the best bowl of ramen I've had in SF proper. Ramen Halu in San Jose, with its thicker homemade noodles and fatty tonkotsu broth, remains my clear Bay Area favorite, but Tabe is my new favorite in town.

        They are set up as a counter in the front of Caffeine. You order at the counter (walk in and look left), sit down at one of the six-ish tables, and a few minutes later your bowl of ramen is brought up from downstairs.

        Many nice touches, such as the option of getting extra noodles, which are brought once you finish the regular portion of noodles so the extras don't go soft from sitting in the broth too long.

        Ramen bowl = $8. Comes with chashu, egg, bamboo, bean sprouts, scallion, and nori. Extra chashu and extra noodles each $2 more.

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          1. re: david kaplan

            "You order at the counter (walk in and look left), sit down at one of the six-ish tables, and a few minutes later your bowl of ramen is brought up from downstairs." -- D Kaplan

            "As you walk in the place move immediately to your right... you hold out your money, speak your soup in a loud,clear voice, step to the left and receive." -- J. Seinfeld

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              I may be as funny as Seinfeld, but the Tabe ramen folks are much nicer than the soup Nazi.

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                ha ha ha haaaaa!! Can't wait to try this one. Thanks for the great review david.

          2. I stopped in last weekend and was quite impressed by my bowl of ramen. The pork was fantastic - so good in fact that I'll opt for the extra portion next tiime. But what makes this ramen special is the soy egg - cooked through but with a slightly soft yolk - my words definitely can't live up to it's goodness! The guys running the operation couldn't be nicer (although the guy working at Caffeine couldn't seem to care less)

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              Hmm .. better than Halu's ni-tamago?

              This place sounds promising.

            2. AAAHHHHHHhhhhhaahahhhhhhhaaaaahhhhh!!!!!

              Tabe Ramen says they won't be making noodles for a little while. Me, being a little slow on the uptake with these things, didn't find out until this week.

              Lets hope they find a home soon.


              1. The original comment has been removed