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Jun 6, 2008 10:15 AM

Bergen County Bakery

Does anyone have an suggestions for a good Bakery in Northern NJ. I am looking for a place to get some mini pastries or even better would be if they carry mini cheese cakes.
Any help would be great.

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  1. B & W Bakery in Hackensack is very good. So is Butterflake in Teaneck. There's also Mazurs and Lyndhurst Pastry Shop ...both on Ridge Rd in Lyndhurst.

    1. Rispoli's in Ridgefield or Lyndhurst Pastry shop on Ridge rd. Both hve prtty awesome mini pastries...

      1. For cheescakes in nnj i recc cheesecake alys in glen rock. They have single serve cakes too . B&W in hackensack is best for coffeecake. Sugarflake in Fairlawn is still solid as well

        1. Italian pastries? I would go to Palermo's in Ridgefield Park on Main St. Rispoli's is also good, as recommended.

          For French pastries, hands down go to Balthazar in Englewood on Dean St. Awesome, awesome, awesome!!

          I never "got" the draw of B&W. Used to be German owned, now it's owned by Koreans, I believe. Their crumb cake is what they are famous for--so that I would say is good. For pastries though, I'm not sure.

          Sugarflake in Teaneck or Westwood or Fair Lawn is just really mediocre. The local bakery in the Shoprite or A&P does a better job. Their cakes always taste like they have been sitting around for days. And I don't think pastries are their "thing".

          1. The best bakery in Bergen County hands down is Patisserie St. Michel on Queen Anne Road in Teaneck. They are also probably the most expensive bakery in Bergen County, but everything there is to die for.

            Now if you're after value, the best "bang for the buck" bakery is Belmont Bakery in North Haledon. They've raised their prices quite a bit over the past few months, but they're still cheaper than most places for most items and they're good. Not as big a selection as the other places, but good stuff for reasonable prices. ($4.25 fruit rings and $6.25 boston cream pies come to mind as some great cheap items from them.) They will do custom stuff too.

            As far as Sugarflake, I agree, they're nothing that great except for one item: they make these chocolate dipped sour cream cookies that are absolutely amazing. The rest of the stuff? It's not bad, but not extraordinary either. You could do worse, and I would say they're certainly better than most supermarket bakeries.

            Speaking of supermarket bakeries, the Inserra Shop Rites (Hillsdale, Fair Lawn, Ramsey, Emerson, many others) tend to have good bakeries. The Ramsey Shop Rite in particular has an excellent bakery, with reaosnable prices. Glass Shop Rites (Englewood, Paramus, Rochelle Park) have vastly inferior bakeries, although their cheesecakes are very good. (Although the rest of the Glass stores tend to be better than the Inserra stores overall, although Ramsey is still my overall favorite Shop Rite. Rochelle Park would be my #2. )

            Cheesecake Aly is very good, but quite expensive.

            I've been to B&W a few times, and their prices on most items are reasonable. The crumb cake is their specialty, and very good. Other cakes are good too, but not as good as some of the other places.

            So, there's some of my thoughts. Hope that helps!

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              zhelder and NJfoodLover et al,

              If you are a fan of Patisserie St. Michel.......if you have not already, try the following:

              La Promenade of Tenafly and Bon Appetit of Mahwah


              137 Piermont Road, Tenafly, NJ 07670
              201-567-2500 | 201-567-1981 | |


              Balthazar is amazing agreed:


              and for Italian pastries, my vote goes to Rispoli's