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Jun 6, 2008 10:13 AM

Niagara area - corporate dinner

I have been asked to arrange a corporate dinner for approximately 20 people.

One of the places that has been recommended is the Hillebrand winery. Anyone got any thoughts on their restaurant.

We are having dinner on two nights and I'm booking Tony de Luca for the first.

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  1. Personally, I much prefer Peller Estates. I find it has much better ambience, food quality and service. DeLuca's OK, but nothing spectacular. Try the tasting menu.

    1. I second the motion on Hillebrand. Better atmosphere there. Peller is nice, but too formal, in my opinion, even for a corporate nosh. But they do have a nice private room, that might be a bit small for 20. You might also consider having a catered meal at one of the wineries. Lots of good restos and caterers who do this a lot. Consider Inniskillin as your first choice - they have a fabulous room for that in their cellar. Jackson-Triggs is a great location too. The wineries all have lots of contacts and experience in setting up this kind of thing.

      1. Hillebrand's facility is gorgeous, but their food has received sketchy reviews. (Peller and Hillebrand are the same company.)

        If you want a sure thing, I would recommend Vineland Estates for truly amazing food and gorgeous surroundings.

        Ditto Treadwell Cuisine.

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          I like Peller. Great food. It is a bit more formal, but realistically, your group would set the tone.
          I love the catering idea- that would be a memorable experience.
          Or Terroir La Cachette at Strewn (although not owned by Strewn)- very comfortable. You could certainly host a corporate dinner there. They do cooking classes too, if that was something you wanted to incorporate for fun. The restaurant serves excellent food and the atmosphere is "country elegant".

        2. How about Treadwell in Port Dalhousie? Fantastic food and a different side of the Niagara area than people normally see. You would need to arrange transportation though.