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Jun 6, 2008 09:56 AM

NO Dining, Fr Qrter or CBD

I'm in NO for work for a few days and am on pretty tight budget. I would like some suggestions for a great po boy, gumbo, bread pudding, muffaletta...that are reasonably priced. Other suggestions too would be welcome. Preferably around the French Quarter and CBD area--no car. Thanks!

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  1. Central Grocery or Napoleon House are your best muffaletta bets. Johnny's Po Boys and Verti Mart are good po boy choices. Coops Place has good gumbo.

    1. Bread pudding: HOB. You can sit at the bar and just order dessert. Their bread pudding looks and tastes as if it came from one of our finest. I don't dine here, but stop in for this. Warm white chocolate banana bread pudding with whipped cream, a carmel halo and Jack Daniels creme angalise. Enough for 2 for around $6.

      Muff: Central Grocery
      Po boy: Johnny's
      tapas: Riomar
      Gumbo: Mr. B's ya-ya...go for lunch.

      Be sure to read the SUMMER MENUS topic on this board and check the sites listed . Many of our restaurants run fabulous summer specials. In many cases you can dine at a better rest. for less than you would spend on a poboy.

      1. It's a bit of a walk, but worth it.: Cafe Reconcile. Very reasonable, down-home food. Not the greatest neighborhood, so be alert.