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Jun 6, 2008 09:42 AM

Small joint, local products, seasonal food?

Hi All,

I'm a regular Austin visitor from California, and I'm searching for something that reminds me a bit of home. I'm a HUGE fan of Austin food, but I haven't yet found a place like this:

Upscale but unpretentious, locally grown/produced ingredients, a creative seasonal menu, solid wine list or homemade cocktails. Great seafood's a plus. Truth be told, I may be fishing for a bit of a California style that isn't popular here in Austin...but just curious to hear any ideas. Price isn't too important - it's for a great occasion!

Thanks much.

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  1. Right now the only one I can think of that may come close is Eastside Cafe. OTW, you may have to go to Round Rock to find such exclusivity. ( just joking, of course)

      1. re: ieathereforeiam

        Definitely second Wink. Local. Unpretentious. Innovative menu.... great wine.

      2. Being a Round Rocker for a long time, we have several non-chain restaurants. Gino's for Italian. Very good red sauce. My family's favorite pizza. Casual. Main Street Grill, RR's first fine dining. Great service and food. Try their pork dishes. Louisiana Longhorn, fresh seafood and authentic Cajun dishes and homemade desserts. Mom's Cafe, great comfort food. Check hours before going. 620 Cafe, great for breakfast. Umpteen Family owned Mexican restaurants. RR is worth the drive north.

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        1. re: Meshelle

          You mention Main Street Grill, which I had not heard of until know,but there used to be a place in(near) RR called The Inn at Brushy Creek. It was a very good dining place. Don't know what ever happened to it but it was there back in the day. Too bad it's gone.

          1. re: singlemalt

            Yes The Inn at Brushy Creek was great. Some of my favorite dishes include pork and they used to have a wonderful roasted pork dish. Makes my mouth water now. You should give Main Street Grill a try.

        2. I agree with the Eastside Cafe rec. You might also check out the Dai Due Supper Club.

          "Our 4-10 course dinners are prepared with only locally produced, seasonal ingredients, grown with sustainable agricultural methods which are purchased from Farmers’ Markets or directly from local farms. A complimentary aperitif, locally made, of course, is offered before a seated dinner with old and new friends."

          "Live music is included, and guests are encouraged to bring their own wine or other drinks. Coffee, filtered water and herbal tea are also included. Cost varies from $45, plus tax. Please see our Calendar for upcoming Supper Clubs."

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          1. re: ridgeback

            mom's cafe is now Wards, I would describe this place as very local texas, chicken fried steak etc....old diner.


          2. Except for the wine list, you might be describing Monument Cafe in Georgetown. Good home cooking, but with the best local ingredients.