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Jun 6, 2008 09:18 AM

Fresh by Juice for Life- what's good?

What are your favourites at Fresh on Bloor? The last time I ate there, whatever I ate tasted healthy, but not exactly delicious. What do you recommend?

Thanks for any of your suggestions.

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  1. Well, healthy but not exactly delicious may be an apt description of all of their food, unless you like the vegan(ish) healthy stuff. I do think a lot of the food is pretty tasty, but I should warn you that I am a bit of a health nut. I work near one of their locations and I often eat vegan so I go to Fresh a fair bit.

    I love noodles of any sort and I like a hearty lunch so I enjoy the bowls and probably order them the most frequently. The warrior and the buddha are both tasty and perhaps veer the most towards delcious on the healthy-delcious spectrum. I enjoy ones like the green goddess but they are definitely in "healthy tasting" territory.

    I've had a couple of the salads. I liked the California one (with added tofu), it was packed with fun items like pecans and avocado that filled me up, but I once ordered a Thai salad for my partner and he was disappointed. His salad was dominated by shredded carrot and not much else.

    The corn bread is tasty but dry and crumbly. Things like dosa and enchiladas are OK but not in any way authentic. When I had the enchilada it was also a victim of shredded carrot overload.

    I had the soup for the first time this week and it was tasty. It was an Indian-inspired mix vegetable puree with fennel, if I recall. I don't know if that is typical.

    I also like the black bean sandwich wrap. The tofu magic wrap was pretty good, but nothing special for the price. I like the burgers too, but they are all covered in sprouts and very healthy tasting. Ordering it with cheese and some fries on the side might rectify that (and the fries are good dipped in miso gravy).

    The desserts by Sweets from the Earth can be good. I love the carrot cake with vegan "cream cheese" icing. You must check to be sure the cake is fresh, however, as they sit out for some time and the quality suffers for it. Chocolate cake was a little non-chocolately to my taste and lacked richness, but I know other people (mostly vegans, mind you) who enjoy it.

    If you ever go for weekend brunch be careful of the pancakes. I ordered to go recently. The banana walnut pancakes were pretty good, but they had nothing on them, which got boring quickly. If you order pancakes I would recommend trying to get some that come with fruit or syrup.

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      good description basileater! i too like healthy stuff, but i find the burgers (with cheese) and sweet potato fries and miso gravy delicious - not just healthy. i agree about the budda bowl - i also had a protein shake with peanut butter and chocolate and it was great. of course, healthy can taste great...but dry and boring need to be avoided.

    2. I personally like their salads, there's one with potatoes that is great. Add the crispy tofu to them for some protein and crunch. Their dressings are also all very delicious and made in-house.

      1. only thing i go there for are the sweet potato fries with miso gravy. SO good.
        the rest of their stuff is mediocre in my opinion.
        if you want good, healthy vegetarian, check out Live Organic Food Bar. they have tastier stuff, and it's organic. they also have a good cooked food menu if you don't like the raw thing.

        1. Thanks for all your suggestions;) I ordered the buddha fresh bowl on brown rice, it was pretty good, although I think I'll order something else if I return. The sweet potato fries on dishes leaving the kitchen looked delicious. Will have to try them on my next visit.

          Pinkskittles, thanks for the suggestion of Live. I ate at Live a few years ago, soon after it first opened but I wasn't that impressed with my raw sampler. What do you enjoy on their menu?

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            If you go back, try the black bean or chick pea wrap. Add a side salad (or split sweet potato fries with a friend) and the chick pea wrap is big and solid enough to take half home for lunch the bext day...

          2. ...I too have found the food to be bland, and generally very dry for things like burgers...and I just don't get that their products aren't organic, which seems like a no-brainer for this kind of place, and they have plain old iodized salt on the tables, shouldn't it be sea salt for a so-called health conscious restaurant??