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Jun 6, 2008 09:17 AM

Philly restaurant open on Mondays

Hey hey! I wanted to take a visiting Australian friend out for dinner on her bday (16 June), but that is a Monday. I may end up taking her out Tuesday instead, but in case Monday is the only day that she's available, do you have any recommendations? I am thinking a nice-ish place, Beau Monde was my number one choice, and there are some limitations. Her husband does not go near spicy foods and can be a little picky.

Vietnam could be good (even though i prefer Nam Phuong, Vietnam is more occassion-y), but let me know what you can come up with.

Many thanks!!!!

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  1. Le Virtu on Passyunk Ave is open on Mondays (and closed on Tuesday, go figure!)

    1. Le Virtu on Passyunk Ave is open Mondays (closed Tuesday, go figure!)

        1. re: Pgoat

          cafe de laos actually ended up being the winner. i asked them what food they were missing most on their travels (currently on 3 month honeymoon) and they said thai (and this is the closest thai (and of course laotian) joint to my house).

          thanks for mentioning ansill though, i haven't been there in too long.

          1. re: mazza3

            i love their hours - i've gone by at the most inconvenient times... and though i'm often the only diner in the restaurant, they are always open!!

            this brings up an interesting story... i always forget just how many places close their doors on sundays and mondays. yesterday i was in the mood for thai, and decided i wanted to have the great thai-down. :) my plan was to order the exact same order from two thai places nearby each other, bring them home and carefully compare and contrast. my two choices were erawan and smile cafe. placed my erawan order, but went to call smile cafe and they were closed! so we tried my thai. closed. thought about trying trio but i figured they are a bit more upscale thus wouldn't be fair to rate them for a takeout meal. siam lotus, i already know, just doesn't do it for me (and they don't have drunken noodles). the two places around 2nd and south are too far for an accurate tasting comparison (though i will pit those two against each other in a future round. same goes for the places over in west philly. then we will narrow it down.). anyway, so that was my intent - foiled. when i get back to town, though, assuming i'm going to be in the mood for lots and lots and lots of thai, that's my plan. but not on sundays and mondays. :)