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Jun 6, 2008 09:03 AM

Brunch/Lunch in Astoria...HELP!!

Hi Chowhounders!

This Sunday about 7-10 out of towners and myself will be in Long Island City/ Astoria and I'm not formiliar wih the area or menus. We're looking for someplace casual, moderately priced, not crowded, vegetarian friendly, and preferably greek. I've heard good things about Omonia Cafe and Agnanti Meze, but I can't find menus.

Are these good places? Any other recommendations?

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  1. Omonia does serve food, but in my opinion it's a place to go for dessert and coffee. I love Agnanti and it's usually great to be outdoors next to the park. However, it's supposed to be about 87° by noon on Sunday so outdoor dining might not be so pleasant. I'm planning to go to Astoria for supper on Sunday, and my dining companions have suggested trying Akti, a relatively new place. I see mixed reviews here, but it might be cooler. Actually, any place is probably likely to be crowded for lunch on Sunday. You might want to make a reservation.

    1. I'm a big fan of Brick Cafe on 33rd St & 31st Ave. It fits all of your criteria (except I'm not sure how crowded it gets later during the day) The weather should be nice and there is plenty of outdoor seating. A link to the brunch menu:

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        Brick is fine, but there's nothing uniquely Astorian about it -- that is to say, I guess, it's not Greek. Then again, at many of the Greek places (Taverna Kyclades, Elias) you'll be giving up the vegetarian-friendly thing.

      2. Taverna Kyclades (Greek) on Ditmars Boulevard (end of the N Line) is terrific and extremely reasonably priced. I went there with a large crowd a while ago and we were amazed at the quality and the tiny check at the end.

        1. Thanks for the replies so far everyone. Looks like our numbers have changed to something more like 5-7 and only two of those in this group are vegetarians. And although Greek is the preference I'm open to any and all ideas!

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            There are many Greek cafes on 30th avenue and most of them have nice brunches. I suggest Ovelia on 34st. Grand Cafe is good too.