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Jun 6, 2008 09:02 AM

Charlotte Catering

We're hosting a small gathering of about 10 people, and I'm looking for a recommendation on a catered dinner. Any recommendations? Because we live very close to Uptown, I'd prefer to order from somewhere within the metropolitan area rather than the suburbs.

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    1. For a group of 10 people I recommend Chef Susanne Dillingham. Also called the
      Tiny Chef. One great idea is the Chef Demonstration - Have your friends over for dinner and surprise them with a Chef Demonstration! She will prepare a full menu in front of you and your guests and you get to enjoy the fruits of her labor. If this is not your thing go with a Private Dinners Party. The Tiny Chef will take care of menu planning, grocery shopping, food preparation, plating, and clean up. Call her
      at (704) 241-1944 or visit the website

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        Godfather, have you used her service. Interested in any reports as to quality, pricing, etc. Thanks as always,

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          I attended a couple of events she did at Hadco - a viking dealership in Southend. I found the food to be very tasty and her to be a very good teacher. I believe Italian is her speciality as she trained there.

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        1. We've used Carpe Diem on a couple of occasions and hired a waiters service to have someone to serve and clean up. The food was great, and we all had a great time. Carpe Diem is on Elizabeth Avenue, about a mile out of the center of downtown.

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            Love Carpe Diem. Didn't know they do catering as well. You can also ask the resto about service. Usually their servers enjoy doing an off-site gig for cash under the table.

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              Actually, I should have been clear on this. They did not cater, per se, but we contacted them in advance about the party. We went over the menu, and quantity and they prepared it, ready to be picked up by the waiter service we hired. All went off without a hitch.

              You could also contact Cooking Uptown for recommendations for chefs:


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                Chef Susanne Dillingham. Also called the
                Tiny Chef teaches at Cooking Uptown often.